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by JavieR / October 23, 2010 / 01:40
Gestures (Amy nude art) by KaspiredHi again. I'm glad to add some new fanart from the Futurama fans, is a wat to let everyone know Futurama is alive! I'm going to start with a good friend called Kaspired with 9 new images featuring Amy in a bikini with a snorkel in 2 different coling versions, a neat Leela sketch, 2 Avatar crossovers... one with Amy + Kif and the other wit Professor Farnsworth, Grrl posing, LaBarabara also posing.. but like Farrah Fawcett, Leela vs. Leela as Princess Leia (Star Wars!) and finally, a sexy Amy nude art (featured today).

Arena (Fry + Zoidberg claw plaque) by Misty WatersThe other artist of the day is Misty Waters, and I'm glad to add her latest Futurama fanart. You'll find 6 of her images with characters like a female version of That Guy (from the Futurestock episode), Zapp saving Fry (Waring: This 2 first images are yaoi), a neat sketch of Leela with her gun, Bender as a couple with Leela, Leela as Fry's savior and the last one featured today, Fry and Zoidberg in the Claw Plaque.

Have fun. I've not been around (I've been busy with some stuff from my work).
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