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by JavieR / October 2, 2010 / 02:48
3D Farnsworth (3 times) by artkalevHi everyone. I was unable to update the site because of the big problems in Quito, Ecuador yesterday. However, today I've decided to ad some new Futurama stuff, and what is better than some new 3D images. I'm going to start with some 3D images by a new artist over here called artkalev, and I'd added 7 new 3D arts featuring Bender with a twin in 2 different situations... as buddies, and other as jedi + normal buddies. There's also a 3D rotation of Professor Farnsworth head, and 2 other images of the Professor (full body in 3D), another render of Bender, and finally, on of Dr. Zoidberg. Please check them out because the renders are truly well done and the style of render looks very good with the characters.

3D Benders (Jedi) - Lets kick some ass by artkalevI've also added a new Wallpaper also from artkalev, featuring the 2 Benders, one is a Jedi with his lightsaber and the other looks like a regular Bender with a gun! This wallpaper looks very nice because it has neat colors and is a minimalistic 3D image that you would really like.

I thinks that's all for today... but I'll try to add more stuff later on.
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