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by JavieR / September 30, 2009 / 13:58
David X Cohen: Futurama exclusive footage at the Florida Animation SuperconOh my.. acording to the Animation Supercon (ASC) Twitter account, @FLSupercon: "David X. Cohen will be bringing world-premiere sneak peak footage of the first episode from the new season of Futurama to ASC this weekend!"
I just have to ask the people that is going to attend the convention, to please try to record that footage!

In case you didn't know (in a way because I never added that news over here, sorry) the Futurama original Voice Cast will be appearing togheter (finally), next to David X. Cohen and Futurama Animators in the upcoming Florida Animation Supercon, this October 2-4, 2009. The will be on Sunday, October 4, 2009 (1:45PM - 3:00PM) is the time of the Futurama Panel called "Meet the Cast of Futurama".

UPDATE - October 1, 2009 @ 11H07
According to the Sun-Sentinel.com:

Cohen said he plans to show the preview reel -- of so-called "pencil test" footage lacking full color or full sound-- during a Futurama cast reunion at the convention on Sunday, and possibly also on Saturday during his solo panel discussion. The reel is of the first few minutes of the first episode of the new season, Cohen said.

According to this news, it will be a pencil test sneak peak footage, and from the first 5 minutes of the Season 6 episode 1 (6acv01).

Source: @FLSupercon Tweet, Sun-Sentinel.com
by JavieR / September 29, 2009 / 22:52
Ok, let's start with this update. I've added some nice fanart today, starting with 1 new image by Hiwi, featuring her 3 favorite Futurama characters, Walt, Larry and Igner (this last one playing with a minature Fry).

Soul Mates: Fry and Leela by nymiThe other fanart today is from a new artist over here, her name is nymi and I've added 5 of her fanarts, featuring Leela, Bender with money, Fry bugging Bender, Bender and Fry drinking some beer, Bender kissing Fry (Blame Sof-Sof for that) and the last one, featured today, is a shippy image of Fry and Leela called Soul Mates.

The latest addition todays is thanks to DSS. He is new over here (not in other websites) and he decided to send me one of his fanfics, the name is Jurassic Planet and is about Jurassic Park, but in Futurama style.. so be sure to check it out!

I'm out.
by JavieR / September 28, 2009 / 09:41
I'm glad to be back because I've been busy + lazy this week. I'm gonna start with some new fanart by Sof-Sof. She has made 2 images, both featuring Fry, one with a chiby-like style and the other is the controversial Queen Fry, that looks very weird in my opinion.

Pazuzu posing by kik0thek1llerI've also uploaded 2 new fanarts created by kik0thek1ller... the first one features Pazuzu, you know, Professor Farnsworth pet (or something like that). and the other one is a portrait of Gyneceladriel (Amy of course) from the Bender's Game DVD movie.

I'll be adding more fan stuff very soon, I apologize to the artists that sent me their stuff a while ago.
by JavieR / September 23, 2009 / 19:46
New video: The Brannigan Touch by mr35mmToday, thanks to mr35mm, is time for a new Fan Video around here. I'm glad to add the animation called "The Brannigan Touch" to TFP. He created the video from scratch, animating for about 3 months alone, and the result is a very funny one. Is about Leela Fry and Bender in the Nimbus deck, with Zapp and Kif and well.. you've to see the video. I've added a 39.1 MB version because that one has better quality. In case you don't want to download it, there's also a YouTube link to the animation in the Fan Videos section.

I've also added a new shocking Fanart today, of course, by shocking, you know that the image belongs to FuturamaFreak1, and this image is very very shocking (Warning, is a shocking image, not suitable for minors). It features Leela using the time sphere (from Bender's Big Score) visiting herself when she was a, I assume, 18 year old teenage.. that's all I can say, if you wish to continue, please proceed.
by JavieR / September 20, 2009 / 12:10
Kleptomania, huh? Comic by MissusPatchesIs true, I have not updated TFP in about 5-6 days.. but I've been around Twitter with the @slurmed account. I'm gonna start with a new short fan comic created by MissusPatches called Kleptomania, huh? that features Bender stealing Leela's wallet.. it has a very funny discussion between the two characters and well, the end is an awww one... please check it out, is a good one!

I've also added two fanarts created by FuturamaFreak1, one featuring a stand up standard leela image (with her usual "what are you looking at" face expression) and the other is a Planet Express starship bridge practice with Leela at the wheel, Fry kinda surprised and Bender relaxed in that extreme situation.. well, Bender is always relaxed. Enjoy!
by JavieR / September 14, 2009 / 22:21
Farnsworth Parabox: Robot Santa with neptunian Leela & Fry by Mike Jessen (aka Kaspired)Hi people. I've been around, kinda busy, hopefully only until today.. That's why I've added 2 new fanarts created by Mike Jessen (aka Kaspired).. the 1st one featuring a dissapointed Leela going on a blind date with a French popuar comic character called Titeuf, and with Amy in a couch watching in a interesting pose. The 2nd image features Leela and Fry as Neptunian elves and a nice version of the Robot Santa.. the image is called, the Farnsworth Parabox, and the characters previously mentioned are the ones that live in another universe (also, this image was made for the SFFC fanart contest)

I've also added a new image created by Pong123, featuring Leela, Fry and Bender with a flash because of the 1000 pageviews of Pong123 at deviantART. Enjoy!
by JavieR / September 12, 2009 / 22:38
Hermes from Doomsville by TheFightingMongoosesHello.. I've been so tired since this past friday, so right now I'm about to sleep, but I didn't want to leave TFP without any updates. I'm gonna start with some new fanart by TheFightingMongooses.. 10 new images featuring Fry, Leela and Bender together in 3 fanarts (1 is the B&W sketch), Farnsy in love, Titanius Anglesmith (Bender in Bender's Game), a Space pirate Robot, Nibbler vs. the Big Brain, and three main characters.. if Futurama's name was Doomsville (one of the scrapped names according to the creators): Fry, Bender and Hermes (the last one, featured today)

The other artist here today is MissusPatches.. with 3 new fanarts.. 2 of them are the called "slash" images that began in the Futurama fanart with Sof-Sof.. and since Missus is her friend.. she has also made 2 diturbing couples.. I must say the drawings ald colors are great, but the content will not be pleasant for everyone (including me). The 3rd image however, features Kif kinda thinking about Leela (Kif has a crush).. in a shy way.. enjoy.
by JavieR / September 9, 2009 / 23:56
Futurama Characters Stylized by kik0thek1llerIs true, almost midnight, and since tomorrow I'll be busy with some presentations of my work, I needed to update TFP. I've added 3 new images from kik0thek1ller, that is actually one image that keeps growing.. it features the main Futurama cast sylized, and then the next image gets bigger with more characters, and the 3rd one with even more characters. Is kinda interesting because you'll some great versions of the Futurama main and secondary characters.

I've also uploaded one 3D image by FuturamaFreak1, that is a fix of a previous image made by him, about the main Futurama characters... Fry, Leela and Bender.. in 3D of course, originally made (I beleive..) for the GTA Vice City, Futurama edition game...
by JavieR / September 8, 2009 / 23:33
Thanks for waiting. Between my work and the change of my ISP (Internet Service Provider) I didn't have a lot of time, but now I'm back with new Futurama fan stuff. I'm gonna start with some nice pixelart created by Cinzia-chan featuring a Fry base doll for you to add clothes, one of Leela and Fry making out with a neat landscape, and also a chibi Leela doll, very nicely done!

Fry and Leela in an upside down universe by FuturamaFreak1There's also a new popart image by psychopainter (aka Bruce Watford), featuring Bender this time, mixed with the spaceships of Space Invaders, the image is called: 8-bit Bender. The final images are from FuturamaFreak1, one featuring Leela finding a 9 vold battery (talking about her addiction to electricity) and with nice details on Leela's room, the other features Fry and Leela falling down to an upside down universe with a an upside down Bender...

BTW, FuturamaFreak1 is working a lot in his upcoming fan comic... over 26 pages according to what I've read..
by JavieR / September 4, 2009 / 22:40
Preorder the Futurama Complete Collection DVD Box (4 Seasons + 4 Movies)Well, is the time many people was waiting for.. the Futurama Complete Collection 1999 - 2009 DVD Box set is finally available for Preorder at Amazon, with a price of $107,99.

The price is higher than the 1st time the item was available for preorder at Amazon (the previous price was $118,99 ..back in June, 2009) however, is a nice price considering that you'll get the precious Giant Bender Head case with the detachable rubber antenna!

If you wanna closer look to the Bender Head case and the DVD arts, please visit the previous TFP news entry called: Futurama Complete Collection: Bender Head and DVD photos
by JavieR / September 3, 2009 / 23:29
Leela and Amy: Sexy gun poses by kik0thek1llerI'm finally back! I've been very busy with my job, but I've some time right now, so is time for a new Fututama art update. Why don't we start with a clool artist, she is kik0thek1ller, and I'm very glad to show you 3 of her fanarts featuring, Leela and Fry progressions (from a siple sketch to the final drawings of both characters) , a very nice and shippy image of Leela and Fry riding a red bike and kinda singing "I'm Walking on Sunshine!" and the last one, featured today, is a great fanart of a very sexy Leela and Amy with dresses and some wow gun poses (featured today).. go ahead and enjoy!

I've also added today 2 new images by Sof-Sof (she has been with an artist block, that's why you haven't seen a lot of new fanarts by her). The fanarts feature, first a free sketch she made with Fry and Leela in a shippy hug, and the other features Fry and the Robot Devil in one mine wagon chased by Leela and Zapp in a 2nd wagon + Bender in a 3rd one.. kinda weird but different style.
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