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by JavieR / September 23, 2009 / 19:46
New video: The Brannigan Touch by mr35mmToday, thanks to mr35mm, is time for a new Fan Video around here. I'm glad to add the animation called "The Brannigan Touch" to TFP. He created the video from scratch, animating for about 3 months alone, and the result is a very funny one. Is about Leela Fry and Bender in the Nimbus deck, with Zapp and Kif and well.. you've to see the video. I've added a 39.1 MB version because that one has better quality. In case you don't want to download it, there's also a YouTube link to the animation in the Fan Videos section.

I've also added a new shocking Fanart today, of course, by shocking, you know that the image belongs to FuturamaFreak1, and this image is very very shocking (Warning, is a shocking image, not suitable for minors). It features Leela using the time sphere (from Bender's Big Score) visiting herself when she was a, I assume, 18 year old teenage.. that's all I can say, if you wish to continue, please proceed.
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