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by JavieR / September 3, 2009 / 23:29
Leela and Amy: Sexy gun poses by kik0thek1llerI'm finally back! I've been very busy with my job, but I've some time right now, so is time for a new Fututama art update. Why don't we start with a clool artist, she is kik0thek1ller, and I'm very glad to show you 3 of her fanarts featuring, Leela and Fry progressions (from a siple sketch to the final drawings of both characters) , a very nice and shippy image of Leela and Fry riding a red bike and kinda singing "I'm Walking on Sunshine!" and the last one, featured today, is a great fanart of a very sexy Leela and Amy with dresses and some wow gun poses (featured today).. go ahead and enjoy!

I've also added today 2 new images by Sof-Sof (she has been with an artist block, that's why you haven't seen a lot of new fanarts by her). The fanarts feature, first a free sketch she made with Fry and Leela in a shippy hug, and the other features Fry and the Robot Devil in one mine wagon chased by Leela and Zapp in a 2nd wagon + Bender in a 3rd one.. kinda weird but different style.
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