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by JavieR / August 31, 2009 / 22:04
Leela & Amy: Cute/Sexy poses by saejinohWell, time to add some of the good stuff over here. First, I'm gonna start with a great artist named saejinoh, and I've the pleasure to show you today 2 awesome images that he made. The first one features Leela in a very cute/sexy pose with a very unique style and great coloring, the other (my favorite) featuring Amy in a more cute than sexy pose, also with a nice style + neat details and her feet inside a pool (that is like.. a refreshing image). Please, check those images, you'll not be disappointed, that's why I added a teaser of both images here today, because you have to check them and love them!

The other artist here today is Pong123 with 5 new fanarts. You'll find a soldier Leela (a bazooka included), Leela & Fry running, Bender with a gun and a cigar, a regular Leela portrait and a image of Bender with a Tommy Gun!
by JavieR / August 30, 2009 / 23:57
David X Cohen: The number of Futurama Seasons 6 episodes may varyOk, as you know, Futurama is going to return to Comedy Central in June, 2010, with 26 new episodes.. but what about if the 26 is the biggest number of episodes that could be produced.. what about if we get less episodes. Well, that's what David X Cohen said according to an article from NewsDay.com, they quote David saying that:

"It will be up to 26 (episodes), I can't guarantee it will be 26 but I think there's a pretty good chance it'll be exactly 26. Fox has been a little bit cagey about it, even internally."

"But nobody's too concerned, we're plunging ahead."

So, I don't think we should worry about it a lot. The Executive Producer also added that the 1st episode of Futurama Season 6 (6acv01) has the possible name "Rebirth" and that "There are six scripts currently in the works".

Well, I think that's all for now.. and don't forget to visit the original NewsDay.com article for more ineresting info, including a Futurama vs. The Simpsons analysis.
by JavieR / August 27, 2009 / 21:50
When Darkness Falls (Fry + Zoidberg) by TheFightingMongoosesWelcome back people. I was busy once again in my job, that's why I didn't update TFP.. So, today I've new fan stuff while we all wait for the new Futurama episodes in June, 2010. The first artist today over here is TheFightingMongooses with 10 (yes ten) new fanarts featuring Pirate Bender, Leela in the opera, Ethan Bubblegum Tate, A diferent version of Leela, Zylex, Morbo with the Space Pope, Zoidberg & Fry, Bender, and even the Dark One (from the "Into the Wild Green Yonder" movie)!

Sophisticated Lines (Leela + Robot Devil) by MissusPatchesThe other person here today is MissusPatches, with 1 new fanart, but a different kind of fanart. This one features Leela and Robot Devil dressed properly for an opera night, but is for you to color it as you wish.. as you can see, I've colored my own (see the thumbnail), I think you can do it better, just grab the image and let your imagination fly! (don't forget to credit MissusPatches.. you can also visit her deviantArt page and say thanks to her!)
by JavieR / August 24, 2009 / 22:08
The release date of season 6 will be in June 24th, 2010

According to the facebook group The Future of Futurama, Maurice LaMarche (Kif) said that, episode 1 (6acv01) was fully recorded (the voices) and that episode 2 (6acv02) will be about Zapp Brannigan.. so many people thinks that it could be the episode about Leela and Zapp trapped in a desert island that it was one of the spoilers of the Futurama Panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2009

Matt Gorening and David X CohenNow, the new info is the reply email to all the people that sent emails to the casting director, Scott Muller, where Matt Groenig and David X Cohen say that the Release date of the first Futurama episodes from Season 6 will be in June, 2010. The complete email:

"Dear Futurama Fan,

Thank you for voicing your strong support for Futurama and the original voice cast. We appreciate the time you took to fire off a thoughtful and/or concerned and/or homicidal e-mail message to our casting director, Scott Muller. (Rest assured, not a single one of these e-mails reached the actual decision-makers at 20th Century Fox Television. For future reference, please note that Scott Muller is in fact one of Futurama's biggest fans, and was instrumental in bringing about the return of the cast. Please hoist a bottle of Olde Fortran for Scott!)

Speaking of the cast returning... good news, everyone! The cast is returning! All of our series regulars are back in action for Season 6. Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, and David Herman are all on board and have already begun delivering their customary virtuoso performances. The all-new Futurama episodes are slated to air on Comedy Central beginning in June, 2010.

We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support for the series. Your loyalty over the years has kept the show going through its original four seasons on FOX, its subsequent reincarnations on Adult Swim and DVD, and now its Bendiferous return to life on Comedy Central. See you in the (near) future!


David X. Cohen & Matt Groening"

So there you go...

Sources: The Future of Futurama, Futurama Officially Returns, PEEL (mossy)
by JavieR / August 23, 2009 / 23:03
Captain Fry (Ahoy Wiggles!) by amanda-jHi again. I'm back from a nice weekend, It was my birthday, so I had a clool time. Wwll, what's new for today.. I'm gonna start with some images created by amanda-j, 7 new images to be exact. The fanarts feature the Gold Bender from Universe A (The Farnsworth Parabox), 2 images of the deaf Leela (The Devil's Hand are idle Playthings), Fry and Leela in bed, Nibbler, and 2 images of Captain Fry.. one is a full body image, the other is a neat closeup (featured) that you've to see.

The New Justice team by kik0thek1llerThe other artist here today is a great one too, I'm talking about kik0thek1ller and 2 of her neat fanarts. One of the images features Amy Wong partyboarding with her rocket board in a neat style and soft lines (and I like this one a lot, being an Amyholic). The other is very good fanart, The New Justice Team with Fry, Leela and Bender as Captain Yesterday, Clobberella and Super King in neat action poses (also featured today!), specially Clobberella kicking some ass, but you've too see the whole image to check out the details, I assure you'll not be disappointed!
by JavieR / August 21, 2009 / 16:07
So, let's see what I have for today. I'm gonna start with Pong123 and 5 new fanarts ha created, featuring Fry & Leela's silhouette (shippy pic), Fry dancing the robot, Leela's revenge (carrying an assault rifle) , Leela rejecting Fry, and also a self portrait of Pong123 with Fry, Leela and Bender in the background.

Keeler Crater revisited by Mike Jessen (aka Kaspired)The other artist today is Mike Jessen (aka Kaspired) with 3 new images for all of you to enjoy. The 1st one is about Zapp with a pregnant Amy and a pregnant Leela... Zapp is presumably the father, because he has slept with both (according to Zapp's blog) haha. The 2nd and 3rd images feature the Keeler Crater.. the 2nd with Amy, Leela, Lisa, Marge, Krabappel and LaBarbara topless but all in Simpsons yellow tones.. the 3rd, features all the girls mentioned (not Lisa) and also Homer, but this one has funky skin colors; blue, green, purple and pink.
by JavieR / August 20, 2009 / 16:22
Fugitives of the Future by TheFightingMongoosesI'm back around here one more time. I was busy with some stuf but now, I'm glad to show you some new fanart. The first images were made by TheFightingMongooses and I've added twelve (I always liked to write 12 in letters, is a clool word) fanarts featuring Leela, Fry and Bender together in some situations (like as fugitives or in a party); Walt, Larry and Igner as owl exterminators, Roberto as King, Bender with Brian (from Family Guy), Leela with a gun, Bender with a gun too, Fry as a soldier, and even Hutch Waterfall!

I'll return with more stuff from the Fans, but in the meantime, I'll keep updating the twitter.com/slurmed account with original arts and any new info that I can find about Futurama. If you're not following TFP at Twitter... feel free to do it.
by JavieR / August 17, 2009 / 21:00
Welcome back people. I'm here again to give you some nice stuff created by the fans and for the fans. First, I'm gonna start with a new fanart created by FuturamaFreak1, feturing Leela torturing Bender's head.. in a very sexy way I might add.

Second, I've also added 6 new fanarts by amanda-j featuring 2 shippy images of Fry and Leela, and fanart of Zoidberg, Kif, Nibbler.. and a poster of the Futurama Main crew + the Professor.

Futurama pixel dollz by Cinzia-chan

Third, the new fan artist here today is Cinzia-chan, and I've added 4 of her Pixelart dolls featuring Fry, the main Planet Express crew and also, the full Planet Express crew and staff in a chibi style. i'm sure you're gonna like the versions of the characters!
by JavieR / August 15, 2009 / 17:08
Leela looking forward by kik0thek1llerHello again. I've been adding new artists with great Futurama fanart these days, and today is not exception! I'm glad to add present the fanart created by kik0thek1ller. She created 4 images featuring, Leela as Leegola from the "Bender's Game" DVD movie, a fight between the evil and the even more evil (aka Bender vs. the Robot Devil), an image with Walt, Larry and Igner and finally, featured here, a great fanart of Leela looking into the Future, I say looking forward to the new Season 6 of Futurama!

Where's Fry? by Pong123The other artist here today is Pong123, and I've added 7 of his fanarts. The images feature different characters, well, mainly Fry, Leela and Bender in different situations.. and even 3 sketches, one featuring a Leela/Kim Possible parody, the other of Leela wearing a suit (featured) and other of the 3 characters discussing. There's also one image of Nelson (from The Simpsons) laughing of Fry.
by JavieR / August 14, 2009 / 16:05
Futurama Season 6 fanart by TheFightingMongoosesHi again. Is time for me to add some neat stuff made by the fans and for the fans. I'm gona start with 10 new fanarts created by a new artist at TFP, please welcome TheFightingMongooses! The images he creates feature many dfferent characters and situations, including movie parodies (The Transporter + Once upon a Time in Mexico), the Planet Express crew, and images of different characters like Fry, Bender, Leela and even Scruffy playing a bagpipe! Take a look, you'll be entertained!

Comic: Sleepover (Walt, Larry and Igner) by MissusPatchesThe other artist here today is well known, she is MissusPatches, and I've added her latest comic featuring Mom's Sons: Walt, Larry and Igner. The mini comic, called Sleepover, is about a scary tale narrated by Walt frightening his younger brothers.. until.. well, you have to see the end of the comic, because is a very good one!
by JavieR / August 13, 2009 / 16:48
Futurma: Into the Wild Green Yonder premiere at Comedy Central!This is a clool update for everyone according to TheFutonCritic.com. You can whatch the final DVD Movie "Into the Wild Green Yonder" on Sunday, August 30th, 2009 at 9:00 pm at Comedy Central. You can also check out the Full Comedy Central Futurama schedule.

According to Maurice LaMarche he is in fact recording the 1st Futurama episode of Season 6 since yesterday.. this acording to his Facebook status (that I didn't see earlier).
by JavieR / August 13, 2009 / 10:24
Amy very sexy and cute pose by saejinohHello, I'm glad to show you today some neat fanart made by 2 different artists. First, I've added 3 new images today, created by a great artist called saejinoh. One of the images feature Fry and Bender drinking beer in a very particular and awesome style. There's also 2 fanarts of Amy Wong, one featuring a very cute Amy and the other one, featured today, is a ver very sexy pose but at the same time, a very cute Amy Wong, and I really recomend you that fanart if you're an Amyholic like me.

Pixel Art: Fry, Amy and Leela smilies by amanda-jThe other new artist here today is amanda-j, and I've added 3 new Pixel art images he made, featuring the classic yellow emoticons, the difference is that this ones resembleFry, Leela and Amy.
by JavieR / August 11, 2009 / 14:12
Thanks to @emilyooo from Twitter, there'a already a person with real photos of the Futurama Complete Collection with the Bender Head case, that was sold at exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con 2009, but that it could be available for everyone in October, 2009 according to some previous news...

The person is droidguy1119, and he added a some photos of the vase to the LiveJournal community page, 3 of them (click the photo for a bigger one):

Futurama Complete Collection: Bender Head FrontFuturama Complete Collection: Bender Head open backFuturama Complete Collection: Bender Head 19 DVDs

Now, we can all see that the Bender head is in fact that, a Bender head! The main characteristic is the fact that the 19 DVDs (the 4 Seasons and 4 Movies) are there but only the discs, no boxes, and all the DVDs fit in the Bender Head nicely (in my opinion).

Other interesting fact is that the discs have exclusive images, different than the older ones in the individual seasons or movies.

For more images, including the package box and other details please visit the LiveJournal page.
by JavieR / August 10, 2009 / 20:19
Romance at sea: Fry and Bender by Sof-Sof (Collab)Hello everyone. I'm back as I said, monday in the afternoon! Today I've some nice stuff for you, starting with new fanart by Sof-Sof. I've uploaded 6 new images, 5 of them are sketches of different characters like Fry, Zapp, the Robot Devil and Rule 63 (from dA). The 6th one is a image created with the collaboration of MissusPatches and DarkChocolateCandy (also from dA) and features Pirate Bender with Fry in the ocean, and Leela, Zapp and Zoidberg in the background, I should warn you that this image is kinda weird, because you know Sof-Sof and her drawings about weird couples.

I've also added a fan comic by FuturamaFreak1, this one is the sequel of the first test comic he created, and that's why is called Yet Another Test Comic 2, is very small but quite funny, so be sure to check it out!
by JavieR / August 8, 2009 / 01:13
Hi, and thanks for wating. I've to say that I will not be online until this monday in the afternoon.. just in case you wonder why I didn't update TFP this weekend.

Futurama comic cover test (Leela) by FuturamaFreak1I'm gonna start with one recent but neat artist around here, I'm talking about FuturamaFreak1. You'll find today 8 new of his fanarts, including:
Leela in a sexy poses, a simple one.. and the other over the lab table (the professor's table I assume), Leela fighting with Yivo's tentacles, Zoidberg wrestling with Leela, Fry with Leela and Bender celebreting the Futurama Madhouse 10th Brithday (I forgot to say Happy Birthday TM:TLZ), Leela flying with Fry using waist jetpacks, a neat and great image of Fry and Leela making love (is not the same than sex) with the colaboration of El-Man... finally, a test cover comic with Leela that I added to the fanart page because is not the real comic that FuturamaFreak1 is developing.

In other news, please check out this TVSquad.com article with Katey Sagal (Leela) talking about the Futurama recast and about the new work with Futurama. And in case you didn't know, according to Maurice LaMarche (Kif), the new Futurama script of the 1st episode of the season 6 (6acv01) written by Matt Groening and David X Cohen was "hilarious, & strangely touching" according to his Facebook status, and he added: "You guys are gonna LOVE this episode in nine or ten months! What a fantastic way to get back into Futurama, The Series!"

2 photos of the Futurama table reading were posted by Maurice LaMarche also at his facebook page (I can't add them here since is his personal profile). Clool.

(Robot) Hell, I can wait.. but at the same time, I can't wait!
by JavieR / August 6, 2009 / 16:00
Futurama may return to FOX after Comedy CentralThanks to Svip from The Infosphere, according to a couple of news from IFMagazine.com and TVSquad.com, the Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly talked about a possible return of Futurama to FOX after its run on Comedy central. What he said:

"It’s going to do its run on Comedy Central first,” says Reilly. “They really saw continued commercial business on that and fan interest and that’s what led to that order. It’s a good show, we like the show. It’s not out of the question [to pick it up on Fox], but we have not committed to picking up that option yet."

Now, this is very interesting, but the problem is that FOX has never treated Futurama well, changing the time slot, cancelling the series... On the bright side, we know that the new Fox exec are smarter, and they realize that Futurama is strong with the Fans.

Sources: IFMagazine.com, TVSquad.com
by JavieR / August 5, 2009 / 15:08
Well, time for a new update over here, and I'm gona start with a new fanart artist around here. The name is Regulated1000 and I've added 2 images, both featuring a surpriced Leela, but one of the images is a animated version.

Robot Devil waiting for the Robokraken by Cap'n SkustingIs great for me to upload a new fanart by the great Cap'n Skusting. The image features the the Robot Devil waiting for the Robokraken. It would be great to know how the Robokraken could look, but for now, the pirate Robot Devil will do.

Thanks to Svip from The Infosphere (Wiki), acording to the Futurama Voice Cast entry at the Voice Actors in the News blog, the supporting voice cast is now negotiating with Fox, but no one knows which actors envolved in the negotiations. Please read the full article for more details.
by JavieR / August 2, 2009 / 23:57
Hi everyone. I think we can all breath again, the voice cast problem is over, although I still wanna know what will happen with the supporting cast voices.

Well, down to the important part, the fanart! I've added 3 new images by a new artist around here. I'm talking about ckrower, and she was the one that created a banner supporting the cast, that was available in the Support the Futurama Voice Cast page.. and I've also added 2 fanarts more, one of Fry (saying: drugs are for loosers..), and the other is a nice had-in-a-jar self portrait.

Speechless Leela and Talking Amy by Mike Jessen (Kaspired)The other artist today is a clool friend, Mike Jessen (Kaspired). I've added 4 of his fanarts, one features Fry hugging Angelinajoliegirl (from dA) and a portrait of Leela against the wall, other features a very sexy image of Leela and Amy nude and offering a carwash with Scruffy watching them. The arts featured today are the before and after of the Futurama Voice Cast drama with Fox, Leela without her mouth (or voice and later, Amy with her mouth (or voice).
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