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by JavieR / June 30, 2008 / 18:42
Leela thinking about Sex by Maria M Salazar Is true, tomorrow is the release date of the 2nd Futurama Movie in the UK, as yo can see is already #3 in the DVD Bestsellers at Amazon.co.uk. Let's hope it can reach as many people as in the US, I'll keep an eye in that list to see if can reach the #1 spot.

Well, time for new fanart around here. 1st, from yet another new artist around here, is Maria M Salazar with some nice arts featuring mostly Fry & Leela, but there's also some Kif & Amy shippy moments, so go ahead, and yo ucan also check some other art from here at http://friki-04.deviantART.com. The other artist that has created some new stuff too is Lee Roberts, this time with an image of Dr. Zoidberg in mating season called, Dr. Sexy... so, you can only imagine that or check it out.

There's a interesting interview from UGO with David X. Cohen where they talk about his job as Executive Producer of Futurama, TiVo (LOL), and some of the things he said from the next movie, Bender's Game [spoilers]:
  • [..] Bender's Game, which will be out this fall.
  • (about Ender's Game title) It's mainly just a play on the title - actually, it's entirely a play on the title.
  • It involves Bender playing Dungeons and Dragons, and then his imagination runs amok.
  • There is literally an army of centaurs.
Looking interesting, for the entire enterview please visit the UGO.com article.

Finally, do you remember OAOB - One And Only Bender? I do, but is even better because Juliet decided to reopen it! So, we all can enjoy OAOB once again at:

The website was also added to the TFP links section (check out the old OAOB site over here).
by JavieR / June 29, 2008 / 08:05
Leandro from the Futurama Madhouse (TLZ), posted the page 76 of Wizard Magazine with a review of the Beast with a Billion Backs that included some awesome images created by the show's animation team at Rough Draft Studios in California. Well, there's an amazing article that talks about those images and an interview with the 5 members that created them:

Derek L. Thompson
Assistant Director

~ I chose Leela because she's tough yet feminine, alien-looking but still appealing. She can be tough for artists to get right; she's very subtle. ~

Dwayne Carey-Hill

~ I liked the idea of seeing the Professor lost in his imagination. He's an insanely brilliant, crazy old man with a laboratory and a spaceship. What's not to love? ~

Crystal Chesney-Thompson
Retake Director + Layout Artist

~ I love that she's a strong female character [..] Then I thought, "If I were Leela and wanted to do a little ass-kickin', who better to choose than Lrr, Morbo and the Huge Gelatinous Blob?" ~

Peter Avanzino

~ I like to think I had something to do with their creation. [..] And what can you say about a robot who loves stabbing things? I love how frantic Roberto is. ~

Stevan Wahl
Assistant Director

~ I can relate. You see, Zoidberg is an outcast in a band of misfits [..] He's like Charlie Chaplin, Henny Youngman and Curly of the Three Stooges all trying to wriggle out of the same ill-fitting lobster costume. [..] (We) both share a great love of eating and dumpster-diving. ~

There's a lot of more info at the Wizard Universe article called: Live Nude Humans! posted by the ToyFare Staff. Also, in another Wizard Article, there's a parody image of the Futurama Crew blended with the Hellboy characters, created by David Au, check it out over here.
by JavieR / June 28, 2008 / 12:43
Fry Pope with Yivo by Yume93 (Frygirl) This has been a crazy week, with the 2nd movie out and the lots of reviews. I can say that the movie looks very solid. Some people that liked Bender's Big Score didn't like the Beast with a Billion Backs and vice versa, but also, many people understood that each one is a different movie, connected of course by the anomaly that appeared in space at the end of BBS. In 4 days since the relelase, The Beast with a Billion Backs, is back in the #4 spot in the Bestsellers: Movies & TV at Amazon, so I think that is a very solid movie, and even more for the die-hard fans.

I'm here to letting you know about some new arts (ten in total) created by Yume93 (Frygirl) that feature Fry and Leela, Fry and Bender, Leela, Fry with Yivo + Leela with Yivo (from the BWBB Movie)... and some Fry and Zapp shocking images that she says, is her revenge for creating the L&A Confidential comic. I'l be back really soon, if I find more reviews/ratings about the BWBB movie, I'll upload them to the Futurama Returns! Movies section, so be sure to check it out!
by JavieR / June 26, 2008 / 08:03
Hi once again.. is time for a new update around here.. and I've more interesting info for you. It looks like the Beast with a Billion Backs movie is looking great, many positive reviews and solid sales. Some new reviews and ratings are available at the BWBB page.

Yivo's Facebook profile has been updated with photos from the Invasions at Boston and Minneapolis, the fans had a nice time (and I want a poster like that one... looking great!). Remember, you can visit the last Mega-Invasion this weekend (June 27-29) in the Chicago Wizard Con. As a bonus, here you go the video of the small Yivo that appeared in the normal invasions.

In other bad news, it seems that CGEF and PEEL are again having problems because of too much load on their server.. let's hope the problem can be fixed soon.
by JavieR / June 25, 2008 / 10:48
Thanks a lot to Artie for the info. It seems that the Futurama Series 6 by Toynami will include Super King (Bender) and Amy Wong... the last one instead of Lrrr, like it was supposed to, and like I informed earlier at The next six Toynami Futurama figures.

Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store have already updated thier Futurama Toynami - Series 6 entry, including Amy Wong as one of the characters. If I can get more info about the outfit that Amy will wear in the action figure, I'll let you know (I really would like to see Amy in her normal pink outfit), and if you have some info please contact me.
by JavieR / June 24, 2008 / 16:04
Yivo - The Beast with a Billion Backs Ok, I wanna say thanks for your support to Futurama, and also to TFP, because if you haven't noticed, The Beast with a Billion Backs is now the #1 in the Bestsellers: Movies & TV at Amazon, so if you haven't ordered the movie (shame on you!), get it while is hot... if we all keep the movie up there, that will show the FOX executives that the series worth a definitive return.

I've seen some new news about the Movie at SciFi.com, BlogCritics.org (where BWBB is one of the Picks of the Week, with a BUY recommendation) and io9.com that is the more interesting one, featuring many unseen screnshots of the movie, available also at the Multimedia section.

Don't forget that the 2nd and Last Yivo Mega-Invasion will happen this weekend (June 27-29) in the Chicago Wizard Con, so get ready to be Yivo-ized (+ giveaways).
by JavieR / June 24, 2008 / 11:19
The Beast with a Billion Backs DVD Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! The Beast with a Billion Backs is now officially available, so grab your DVD now!. Well... let's see, a lot of movement yesterday because of the release date, here you go a list of articles/reviews from many important sites: Also, reviews of the Movie from If Magazine and Fanbolt... check the ratings of the BWBB from these and other websites at the Futurama Returns! Movies section.

The If Magazine review talks about the Lost Episode from the PS2 Futurama Game, made years ago (one of the features of the DVD), but then later on, it says something about the Preview of the NEW Futurama Game.. and I don't know if they made a mistake mixing things with the old Futurama Game or not...

According to the David X. Cohen interview at Movie Web, the release of Bender's Game, could be in Fall, 2008, but the trailer says Holiday, 2008.. so is hard to know the real release date yet. About the Futurama Movie 4, Into the Wild Green Yonder and the Future of Futurama David says (about FOX): " They're taking it cautiously and seeing how the successive ones do. We're cautiously optimistic, but we haven't heard anything yet."  & "It's a little bigger ending than usual, but we haven't ruled out the possibility of return." ...that means that once again Futurama is ready to continue or to hiatus once again (let's hope is the 1st one).
by JavieR / June 23, 2008 / 15:31
The Beast with a Billion Backs promo Monday, June 23 is the day of the invasion in Philadephia. A 30-foot-tall Yivo will appear at the Love Park, so you better be ready if you live around there. As I said before, you will have a chance to meet Bender himself and get Yivo-ized via green screen, besides the Hot Space Babes and lots of giveaways.

If you've not checked Yivo's profiles at at Facebook and MySpace, here you go some nice updates: About the Beast with a Billion Backs, the movie is ranked #4 in the Bestsellers: Movies & TV at Amazon, so that's good news for Futurama, because: Strong sales = a future for Futurama ...with only 1 day for the official release date, that's very good!.
by JavieR / June 22, 2008 / 19:02
Private Leela Portrait by Zed 85 Today (Sunday - June 22, 2008) the people of San Diego is being invaded by Yivo and his Space Babes full with giveaways for the release of the 2nd Futurama movie, the Beast with a Bilion Backs. So, drop by the official San Diego County Fair at Del Mar Fairgrounds, you can always get a surprise, and if you don't, preorder the DVD now (only two days left).

Tomorrow (Monday - June 23, 2008) for the people near Detroit, Yivo will be there at the River Days Fireworks Show, so you people also have to be there to meet the giant sized alien and get some giveaways. For more info about Yivo's invasions, you can check out:

So, is time for more new fanart, and this time I've a new artist around here that you must be aware of, he is Zed 85, and I've added today 5 of his neat arts, featuring Leela in different styles, as you can see in the featured thumbnail (and one of my favorites), a neat painting of Amy pregnant... and even a parody of Star Wars featuring Zapp, Leela and Fry. He is an artist that has been around the Futurama Community for a long time now.. so is kinda weird for me to add his art just today, when I should do it years ago. That's all for today, but tomorrow is another day...
by JavieR / June 21, 2008 / 09:19
Futurama: Yivo Invasions! Is true... Yivo is invading earth.. TODAY is the first invasion in two cities simultaneously:
  • Boston: in the American Craft Beer Fest. Funky beer festival, sponsored by The Weekly Dig (alternative weekly)
  • Minneapolis: in the Country Splash. 3-Day Outdoor Festival at the Apple River; Features Alan Jackson, LeeAnne Rimes, Trisha Yearwood.
Yivo himself and some Space Babes will be there distributing out-of-this-world items, including T-shirts, tattoos and signed DVDs.. so if you're near those cities, what are you waiting for to meet Yivo? and if you grab an extra copy of the DVD I don't mind if you sent it to me lol..

As you might noticed, the Official Futurama website, www.ILoveBender.com is now updated with more info from the Beast with a Billion Backs, the 2nd movie that we can all enjoy in only 3 days. You can also visit Yivo's profile at Facebook and MySpace, where you'll find more info, multimedia and photos of all the invasions that will occur this upcoming week. Besides, you'll find images, buddy icons and wallpapers of the Movie in the profiles.

I'll let you know about the next Yivo invasions, and don't forget that on June 23 in Philadelphia, a 30-foot-tall Yivo will appear in a Mega-Invasion at the Love Park, where you will have a chance to meet Bender himself and get "Yivo-ized" via green screen, besides the Space Babes and giveaways. Also, in the Chicago Wizard Con (June 27-29) there will be another Yivo Mega-Invasion event throughout the weekend.

Love the Tentacle!
by JavieR / June 18, 2008 / 17:02
Wow, thanks to GrafSatanas you can now watch the teaser/trailer of the 3rd Futurama Movie, Bender's Game, that will be available on Holiday, 2008:

The trailer is also available at the Futurama Returns! Movies and Multimedia section, an soon on every TFP page as usual.. take care!.
by JavieR / June 17, 2008 / 09:48
Kif - Into the Green Yonder by Lee Roberts Ok, so, more reviews appear online, once the BWBB movie is near to be available everywhere. There's a comprensive one at UGO, and another one at Den of Geek. If you just want to see the rating score, visit the Futurama Returns! Movies section, otherwise, look out for spoilers.

There's also art from artist that love the show. I'm gonna start with SonicPanther, with an image that features Bender as Indiana Jones.. The other artist around here is Lee Roberts with an art of Kif (that you can see featured today). Well, gotta go, but I'll be back if more info appears.
by JavieR / June 14, 2008 / 23:16
Leela totally off script by Professor Zoidy Days are passing by quickly... the Beast with a Billion Backs is only 10 days away from everyone.. I can't wait, and if you can't, just preorder the movie at Amazon. Today I've uploaded some new fanart that you're gonna like, I'm talking about Profezzor Zoidy, and her new art featuring Leela totally off script.

Well, another review of the upcoming Futurama Movie 2 was released, this time by the people of DVD Times, and it was added to the Futurama Returns! Movies and News sections... so check it out!.
by JavieR / June 9, 2008 / 18:19
Leela punches Fry by Yume93 Crap, I've a space flu since this past sunday.. I've been so tired and sick, but right now I'm a little more alive, so is time for an update once again. I've more fanart from a cool artist that you already know, Yume93 (Frygirl). She is a drawing machine, and today I've 10 (yes.. ten!) new arts featuring many chibi Futurama characters, this time exclusively Fry and Leela.

In other important news, I've updated the Futurama Returns! News, adding the list of current Reviews of the Beast with a Billion Backs.. that was also update in the Futurama Returns! Movies section.
by JavieR / June 5, 2008 / 20:28
There's already two new reviews of the upcoming movie, the Beast with a Billion Backs. The first one is from DVDTalk.com, where they say: [..] since mediocre Futurama is still pretty darn entertaining, ...well, it starts out strongly enough and Yet the adventure gradually loses steam [..]. The review concludes that The Beast With A Billion Backs aims for laughs and succeeds to a point, but the experience still feels a bit shallow and uninvolving.

The second review was made by the people of DVDInMyPants.com (that's a weird website name imo). They have even more spoilers of the movie, and you'll see details of all the extras... they conclude that the 2nd Movie is a [..] rich, funny, beautifully-designed second installment.

Well, that's all.. be aware of the spoilers. If you just don't wanna to read all that, just preorder the movie and help TFP a little :)
by JavieR / June 5, 2008 / 11:07
Lieutenant Philip J. Fry by Bluepants55 and JavieR Ok, I forgot to upload some fanart that I made in a collab with another artist, Bluepants55 (check out his gallery at Bluepants55.deviantart.com)... the image is Lieutenant Philip J. Fry, where Bluepants55 made the lineart, and I made the colring and the background.

In other news, CGEF has a new contest, this time giving away a print of the Beast with a Billion Backs Movie Cover of 17x21 in (43x53 cm), signed by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen... you've to create a Futurama Video.. and this contest is not limited to the US residents, so go to the contest page and read the rules.. you've until July 1st.
by JavieR / June 1, 2008 / 19:48
Fry and Leela by Yume93 Is june already, well, 23 more days until we can enjoy the 2nd Futurama Movie, the Beast with a Billion Backs, and some of the early reviews are giving the Movie favorable critics. Today is dedicated to a great artist around here, she has improved a lot I think, creating many shippy fanart, I'm talking about Yume93 (Frygirl). She has created 11 arts featuring many shippy images of Fry and Leela, some other images only about Leela, other with Bender, and 2 disturbing arts that you will see only if you wan to... lol. I guess that's all for today, and thanks for all the people using the links to preorder the BWBB movie, that is helping me the next time I have to pay for the hosting of TFP..
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