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by JavieR / June 22, 2008 / 19:02
Private Leela Portrait by Zed 85 Today (Sunday - June 22, 2008) the people of San Diego is being invaded by Yivo and his Space Babes full with giveaways for the release of the 2nd Futurama movie, the Beast with a Bilion Backs. So, drop by the official San Diego County Fair at Del Mar Fairgrounds, you can always get a surprise, and if you don't, preorder the DVD now (only two days left).

Tomorrow (Monday - June 23, 2008) for the people near Detroit, Yivo will be there at the River Days Fireworks Show, so you people also have to be there to meet the giant sized alien and get some giveaways. For more info about Yivo's invasions, you can check out:

So, is time for more new fanart, and this time I've a new artist around here that you must be aware of, he is Zed 85, and I've added today 5 of his neat arts, featuring Leela in different styles, as you can see in the featured thumbnail (and one of my favorites), a neat painting of Amy pregnant... and even a parody of Star Wars featuring Zapp, Leela and Fry. He is an artist that has been around the Futurama Community for a long time now.. so is kinda weird for me to add his art just today, when I should do it years ago. That's all for today, but tomorrow is another day...
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