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by JavieR / November 15, 2012 / 11:22
Howdy people. I'm back around with some good news!. Ripple Junction contacted me to inform me about the upcoming Futurama T-Shirt designs that could be produced in the near future.

It is up to us, the fans, to let Ripple Junction know what Futurama T-Shirt designs are the cloolest ones this time, and you get a chance to win a Free Futurama T-Shirt by answering this Survey.

Futurama T-Shirt designs (Robot Mafia & Don't Date Robots) by Ripple Junction

As usual, I've added my two favorite T-Shirts from the many designs of the survey (The Robot Mafia and the Don't Date Robots T-Shirts), but you'll find many other Futurama topics, from the ultimate Robot Fighting League, the New Justice Team, Zoidberg, John F$#!@g Zoidberg, Lrrr, Walrus Juice,  and even the epic I'm with a Stupid on the moon.

Share this, make more people vote for your favorite designs (*cof*Robota Mafia & Don't date Robots*cof*). The power is in your hands and/or tentacles!
by JavieR / November 4, 2012 / 23:05
Long time no see... sorry. I'm here today to upload some great fanart that was created for Halloween (and some other images too) that I didn't have time to upload, mostly because like Fry, I'm a lazy human being with a low payment job that I've in order to stay alive.

Happy Halloween 2012 by Gulliver63So, I'm going to start with a nice pal called himself Gulliver63! He has created as usual many movie parodies, featuring the Futurama girls. Some of them are: 300 (tons of angry cyclops), One Million Year of Bureaucracy, Kill Bill (Ft. Amy as O-Ren-Ishi) and Startling Planet. Other images are his usual giants, this time featuring Leela, Morgan Proctor, Amy, Coleen and Mom. There's a lot more of interesting images that you must see, including the Happy Halloween images featured today of Amy as a Tricyclops from "The Scary Door" series!

I've also added 6 new images by Vickram101, featuring mostly alternative intro titles for Futurama, very well created images, and there's also a cover of Futurama magazine featuring himself.
Professor Zoidy also created 4 new images, featuring 2 Leela portrairs (one holding a laser gun!), one of Fry + Leela and a triple sketch of Fry in different styles.

Wrong Katch (Planet Express costume party) by KaspiredSo, the final arts are from a good friend called Kaspired. He usually does more Halloween stuff, and this time he came up with some nice/weird ilustrations haha. You'll find 3 images featuring some Futurama girls covering their faces with paper bags, that looks like an interesting concept. There's also a Planet Express costume party with Leela, Amy and Kiff, what's going on? don't ask me. The final Halloween image is the weirdest one.. I recognize Leela and Kiff.. but the cyborg and what's going on, is up to you...
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