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by JavieR / August 31, 2010 / 11:34
Futurama 100th episode: The Mutants are RevoltingFull Episode names of the new Futurama season 7 (Season 6av part 2) that will air in 2011

Hi everyone. There you go the names of some future Futurama episodes, including the Special Xmas episode that will air this December, 2010 on Comedy Central:

[Updated on September 5th, 2010]
  • Law & Oracle: Interesting mix
  • Mobius Dick: Perhaps losely based on the "Moby Dick" novel by Herman Melville
  • Neutopia: Sounds like brains to me!
  • 6acv13 - Holiday Val-U-Pak: Featuring 3 stories from Xmas, Robanukah and Kwanzaa.. with special guests Al Gore and Coolio!
  • 6acv14 - The Silence of the Clamps: Episode about the Robot Mafia that was found earlier.
  • Ghost in the Machines: Perhaps based in the British philosopher Gilbert Ryle's derogatory description of René Descartes' mind-body dualism "Ghost in the machine"
  • Nine-Tenths of a Zoidberg is Underwater: This could be the episode where we find out the past of Dr. Zoidberg and his relation with the Professor.
  • 6acv23 - All the Presidents' Heads: I would say this is the head licking episode.
  • 6acv24 - Cold Warriors: Also mentioned before.
Don't forget to Watch the Season 6 final episode "6acv12 - The Mutants are Revolting" this Thursday at 10pm/9c on Comedy Central!

Source: Public Catalog (US Copyright Office), PEEL
by JavieR / August 31, 2010 / 01:01
This is a great day for some awesome Futurama 3D art, and I'm talking about excellent 3D renders featuring the main and recurrent Futurama characters. All this art was created by Lasse Salling a.k.a. PixelPirate from PixelPirate.dk, that has dedicated quite some time to complete this fabulous collection.

Futurama 3D faces icons by PixelPirate

First, you'll find a set of 37.. yes 37 icons featuring all the main and recurrent characters.. from Fry, Bender, Leela, Zoidberg, the Professor and Amy.. to Elzar, Donbot, URL, Morbo, Boxy and even the Hypnotoad! (and many many more, Zapp, Kif, Lrrr, and even some great Bender variations). These are high quality icons for Windows XP/Vista/7 and also for Mac in a DMG pack! As you can see, I'm not lying about how great they look (ermm... the preview above), so check them out and also visit his website PixelPirate.dk or his deviantART page for more neat 3D stuff!

Hypnotoad 3D wallpaper by PixelPirateI've also uploaded some wallpapers that he created. So there you go 5 new ones, 2 featuring Bender saying "Bite my shinny metal ass!" (one with the Futurama logo), 2 featuring the Hypnotoad (again, one with the Futurama logo) and finally one only with the Futurama logo.. all in glorious 3D! And to finish this update I belie.. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!
by JavieR / August 25, 2010 / 09:20
Check out this preview of how Comic-Con is set in the year 3000, featuring Matt Groening and David X. Cohen head-in-a-jar presenting their new series settled in the year 4000, Futurella:

I don't think this clip of from this Thursday new episode, "6acv11 - Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" but I really don't know... accoridng to some spoilers from the last San Diego Comic-Con, this was supposed to be the episode 25 of 26

Also, ther you go 2 images from this thursday episode, and some info from underwire / wired.com:

Comic-Con serves as the setting for Lrrr’s unsuccessful takeover of Earth at the beginning of the episode, which is titled "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences"
Sergio Aragonés head-in-a-jar from "6acv11 - Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences"
Sergio Aragonés, the speedy comics legend who made his mark with Mad magazine and Groo the Wanderer, plays himself and appears as a head in a jar at the comic book convention on a panel discussion with Futurama creator Matt Groening and head writer/executive producer David X. Cohen.

Katee Sackhoff as Grrrl from "6acv11 - Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences"
Katee Sackhoff, who played Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, guest-stars in the role of Grrl, a hot young Omicronian who wants to hook up with Lrrr, the ruler of Omicron Persei 8 who is facing a midlife crisis.

~ Sorry for not updating more, I'm having a difficult time in my life ~

Source: underwire
by JavieR / August 18, 2010 / 23:55
I'll Kill you Amy! by Doodle_MonkeyHi hi hi. Is time for an update here at TFP.. and this time I've some neat stuff for everyone. I've added not one or two, but three new wallpapers, and not only that, but 3D wallpapers! All of them created by a new artist over here named Doodle_Monkey. You'll find 3 renders featuring Bender.. one smoking a cigar, other similar but with more attitude saying: "Bite mi shinny metal ass!" and the last one from episode "1acv02 - The Series has Landed" with Bender in the Planet Express ship magnet singing folk songs and threatening Amy. I've also added those images to the Doodle_Monkey 3D page of the site... so you can check them out there too.

There's also new fanart for all of you to enjoy once again. I'm glad to add the latest 4 images created by Sof-Sof. You'll find a fanart of Fry kinda sad, 2 images of the usual weird situation between Fry and Zapp, and the last one shows a human version of Kif.. as usual arguing with Zapp. Have Fun!
by JavieR / August 13, 2010 / 23:44
It is Forbidden (Leela as Eve) by TheFightingMongoosesHi again. I'm sorry for not updating the site in a while, but I've been trying to figure out something serious about my future (and I don't have a time machine). So, today I've some great stuff to show you, and I'll like to start with some neat fanart created by TheFightingMongooses from the new Futurama Season.You'll find images featuring Baby Bender from "Lethal Inspection", the poster of All Employezz must haz Cat to Enter from "That Darn Catz!", a great version of Amy out of the Birthing Machine and the Fry portrait that he tries to give leela.. both from "Rebirth", The Hypnotoad, Fry kinda.. nude giving a cake to Leela, and finally, the image of Leela as Eve from episode "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela". You have to check them out, you'll not be dissapointed!!

Finally today, I added the latest fanfic by Gulliver63 called Gulliver's Parabox III: The Final Jump. It features of course another Parabox universe, where the Professor sells Planet Express to a multi-planet corporation called Dexoso with devastating consequences... and the rest, well, you've to read it and find out.

Accidental Leela Pin-up by Misty WatersI've also added 9 new images created by Misty Waters. She is a big fan of That Guy (Steve Castle) from "Futurestock", so you'll find 4 images with him and Fry (and perhaps Bender). There's also a colored version of Fry and Leela, a funny one of Leela as a man and Fry as a woman, one a hug between Kif and Zapp (hopefully nothing else is happening there) and the final one, an accidental Leela Pin-up.

Finally, I want to share my deep condolences to the Family and Friends of Alex Johns, co-producer of Futurama from seasons 1 to 4. He died on August 7th, 2010 at the age of 43.

Source: The Washington Post
by JavieR / August 4, 2010 / 11:41
This is a video preview of the new Futurama episode that will air tomorrow, Thursday, August 5th at 10pm/9c on Comedy Central. The episode is "6acv08 - That Darn Katz!" and is about Earth being invaded by a race of intelligent cats. The clip is called "Nibbler and Leela's Talk":

FOR UK & CANADA, check this thanks to @Vickram101http://www.megavideo.com/?v=GBDY1ZOQ

As you can see, we see Amy, Kif, Bender, Fry, Leela and Nibbler at The Hip Joint getting drunk and dancing hahaha. The talk between Leela and Nibbler looks kinda interesting for the plot.

Also, don't forget that today, August 4th, is Lauren Tom's Birthday (Amy)!

Happy Birthday Lauren Tom aka Amy!!!
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