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by JavieR / August 18, 2010 / 23:55
I'll Kill you Amy! by Doodle_MonkeyHi hi hi. Is time for an update here at TFP.. and this time I've some neat stuff for everyone. I've added not one or two, but three new wallpapers, and not only that, but 3D wallpapers! All of them created by a new artist over here named Doodle_Monkey. You'll find 3 renders featuring Bender.. one smoking a cigar, other similar but with more attitude saying: "Bite mi shinny metal ass!" and the last one from episode "1acv02 - The Series has Landed" with Bender in the Planet Express ship magnet singing folk songs and threatening Amy. I've also added those images to the Doodle_Monkey 3D page of the site... so you can check them out there too.

There's also new fanart for all of you to enjoy once again. I'm glad to add the latest 4 images created by Sof-Sof. You'll find a fanart of Fry kinda sad, 2 images of the usual weird situation between Fry and Zapp, and the last one shows a human version of Kif.. as usual arguing with Zapp. Have Fun!
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