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by JavieR / April 29, 2009 / 23:22
MODZOID (Zoidberg vs MODOK) by Vinzc I've some great stuff to share with you today. I'm gonna start with one artist Sof-Sof (earlier Yume93) and I've 7 of her arts, 2 featuring her weird yaoi images of Fry and Zapp, one of Fry with a mask because of the swine flu (she lives in Mexico, where there's more risk righ now :S), the robot devil, fry with some bees, a style meme with Fry and a Fry + Leela image.

The next artist was here a few days ago. He is Vinzc, and I have added 3 more of his Futuramash-up images (parodies). One features MODZOID (Zoidberg vs MODOK from MARVEL Comics), another one features Spider Farnsworth (Professor Farnsworth vs Spider Jerusalem from DC Comics - Vertigo) and the last is Dr Hellberg (Dr Zoidberg vs Hellboy from Darkhorse comics).

Gotta run now! Enjoy!
by JavieR / April 26, 2009 / 22:55
Greenorita Eco-Feminist Collective by Mike Jessen Welcome back! I'm kinda lost trying to revamp the news system right now, but I'm gonna update it soon. Today I've fanart from two artists. First, FrysBabyGirl with 20 images. 3 of them are handmade images of Fry and Leela, the other 17 are images from Bender's Game extra: Futurama Genetics Lab feturing the mutation between 2 Futurama characters.

The other artist, featured today, is Mike Jessen (Kaspired) with 6 new images. An Amazonia and Kif, Leela and Fry, Amy working, a great image of Fry and a naked Leela parodying the Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel paintings, and the final one, 2 images that together that conform the Greenorita Eco-Feminist Collective as you can see in the thumbnail.
by JavieR / April 23, 2009 / 22:43
I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. The main reason is my work, the other main reason is because I didn't have an Internet connection for about 5-6 days thanks to the only Internet service provider you can hire around here (the others sucks even more). So, I finally have a new decent modem but less speed (I'll have to complaint for another week to fix that).

Well, if you didn't know, The Infosphere is the most complete Futurama Wiki. Since they have a lot of visitors, they have a strong server now, but that cost a lot. That's why they have started a donation campaign in order to maintain the Wiki without advertisements and with the help of the Futurama Community. If you can donate even just $1, it will help... just visit the Donation Campaing page for more information.

There's also the proposal of Svip fromThe Infosphere, in order to create a FutraMedia Foundation. The purpose is "[..] to generate a platform for all the Futurama sites to serve by, and additional one place for the makers of Futurama to engage us by". Since their hosting is very strong, they could offer hosting and support for full members, or you can be a observant member if you're gonna be active and collaborating.

So that's all for today. I've to upload stuff from people that kindly gave me permision or submitted something, I apologize if I haven't added something yet.. blame my lame Internet somehow!
by JavieR / April 14, 2009 / 23:56
Zapp as Shazam! by Vinzc Wow, time flies when you're really busy. I've working a lot lately, not sleeping until 4 am to create some lame animation for a small work, but hey, it's ok. Today I've the update that I promissed to you, another new artist is here, his name is Vinzc, he's from France, and he creates great Futurama parodies or Futuramash-up (like he likes to call them).

I've added 5 images today featuring, the Futuramash-up Logo (a nice Bender and Cyclops blend), Vampimom (mix of Mom and a vampire), "The Scrap Goon" poster (featuring Bender, Little Tim, the Robot Devil and Calculon), and two versions of Capitain Zapp Brannigan mixed with Shazam! (aka Captain Marvel from DC Comics) and Kif Kroker.. one image is a natural one, and the other features a worn out comic that looks very nice.

I've nothing else to say today but enjoy those images. I will add more in the near future, so be sure to comeback!.
by JavieR / April 10, 2009 / 23:40
Roberto with Knives by Hiwi I'm back around here to add some neat stuff for all of you. I've found a new artist that has some nice fanart for all of you to enjoy. Hiwi is her name, she is from Austria, and I've uploaded 5 of her images today featuring: Bender, Fry and Roberto, another of Bender with Gir (from Invader Zim), the Robot Devil, Bender tied up + scared and the last one and my favorite, Roberto holding knives in his hands (featured today).

Ok, I could leave this site witout adding some new Fan Videos. The first one should be here some time ago but I kinda forgot (sorry Missus). Yes, MissusPatches made a cool video of Fry vs. The Robot Devil featuring the beginning of the song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". The second video is called Bender's Big Burp, it was created by mr35mm and features Leela and Bender of course.

Well, that's all for today, but you'll see yet another new artist very soon, so stay tunned.
by JavieR / April 5, 2009 / 02:45
Leela vs Funog by mr35mm Hi once again. Now that we have read about the 10 Years of Futurama, we all want another 10 years, why not!. In the recent news I found a really nice interview with Matt Groening with the people from AVClub.com. The main highlight:

AVC: When will you have a better idea if you are coming back?

Matt Groening: Maybe the next phone call I get? I don't know. [Laughs.] We're not holding our breath. It's always tough in television, because it is much safer to say no. If you say yes, it is going to cost a lot of money, especially with animation, so I understand the hesitation. On the other hand, what we do is very good, and the fans really love it, and the DVDs have been very lucrative for Fox. I think they should do some more. If they're smart, they'll do more.

TO be smart or not to be, that's the question!. There's a lot more in the interview about Futurama, The Simpsons, Life in Hell, and really nice answers about 2D vs. 3D animation + the concept of humor in animation, so please don't forget to read the full AVClub.com article.

Now, I've added some great fanart created by mr35mm (aka Jorge) featuring some clool situations. Leela punching Zapp (a classic!), Leela kissing Fry in a minigolf, Leela, Bender and Fry as The Wizard of Oz characters, an Amy and Leela switch, and the last one features Leela fighting Fenog, her old kung-fu master. Please take a look and enjoy!!

In a later note, there's a neat article from EdibleApple.com that talks about the love of Futurama for Apple.
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