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by JavieR / April 23, 2009 / 22:43
I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. The main reason is my work, the other main reason is because I didn't have an Internet connection for about 5-6 days thanks to the only Internet service provider you can hire around here (the others sucks even more). So, I finally have a new decent modem but less speed (I'll have to complaint for another week to fix that).

Well, if you didn't know, The Infosphere is the most complete Futurama Wiki. Since they have a lot of visitors, they have a strong server now, but that cost a lot. That's why they have started a donation campaign in order to maintain the Wiki without advertisements and with the help of the Futurama Community. If you can donate even just $1, it will help... just visit the Donation Campaing page for more information.

There's also the proposal of Svip fromThe Infosphere, in order to create a FutraMedia Foundation. The purpose is "[..] to generate a platform for all the Futurama sites to serve by, and additional one place for the makers of Futurama to engage us by". Since their hosting is very strong, they could offer hosting and support for full members, or you can be a observant member if you're gonna be active and collaborating.

So that's all for today. I've to upload stuff from people that kindly gave me permision or submitted something, I apologize if I haven't added something yet.. blame my lame Internet somehow!
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