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by JavieR / February 24, 2009 / 23:59
The Future of Futurama... I just found a very interesting article from MovieWeb.com, where Brian Gallagher interviewed Matt Groening and David X Cohen, and they said some very interesting stuff about a possible (not official yet) new Season 6. The highlights:

Are there stories still floating around if they do decide to pick up more?

David X. Cohen: I have, in my mind, what will happen next, if we're back. We're ready. This question, I'm sure, is on all the fan's minds, if this is the last one or not, but, the good news is, we have not gotten a "no" yet. [..] it is under consideration [..] It's quite possible that we could be back, but I just don't know. [..] I am sure they (FOX) are keeping a careful eye on these numbers (DVD Sales), so we do have to hock these DVD's and get the fans out there. [..]
At this point, we were going to rotate when we hear...

So do you think this will actually be like a Family Guy, where you can get it back on the air?

Matt Groening: We don't know. We're talking with Fox about doing more episodes and I hope we can. Just looking at the numbers, it seems to make sense. They're making money.

Should we tell fans to send anything to Fox?

Matt Groening: No, no, no. You know, the first time Futurama went away, the fans were unbelievable. We had a petition that was (~)140,000 names that was delivered to Fox. [..] It just took awhile for them to realize that there was more to be done with Futurama.

So, there is some very nice onformation about the future of Futurama... they are negotiating, but I think a big deal has to do with it the Movie sales.. Something we all can help by buying Into the Wild Green Yonder and the previous Movies.

In the article, Brian also talked with Lauren Tom, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West and Phil LaMarr about the movies, their work in Futurama and what they think if Futurama returns again, please visit the Go Beyond Futurama MovieWeb.com article for that neat information.
by JavieR / February 24, 2009 / 15:54
Into the Wild Green Yonder DVD contest winners For the people that participated, thanks, I was a very quick contest, but many USA and Canada residents wanted the DVD. Is time to let you know if you won a DVD copy of the last futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder.

The Winners:
  • D. Lauff (USA)
  • J. H. Thull (USA)
  • J. Lacobelli (Canada)
I added all the valid entries to a numbered list, and then I chose three randomly using random.org. You can also check out the winners in the Into the Wild Green Yonder giveaway contest page. I tried to contact 2 or 3 times to the people that didn't reply to the contest entry.. sadly, they didn't reply any of my messages.

For the people that didn't win, you can still get Into the Wild Green Yonder on DVD or Blu-Ray at Amazon.. is not free, but you can help Futurama with big sales.. because FOX is still hesitating about bringing back Futurama.. I think strong sales on this final one and I don't know, maybe there is still some future for Futurama.
by JavieR / February 22, 2009 / 23:42
Couch of Love: Fry and Leela by Tastes-Like-Fry I'm back around here. First, some new nice fanart. One image created by Tastes-Like-Fry featuring Leela and Fry sit in a couch (featured today). There's also 4 new fanarts by Frygirl (aka Yume93 aka Sof-Sof) featurng a kiss between Fry and Leela, Herself with a Fry plushie, one of a chibi Fry almost naked and a weird one of Fry and Zapp..

In other news, thanks to CGEF, there's an article by the people from TotalFilm.com with David X. Cohen, Matt Groening, Billy West, Maurice LaMarche and Lauren Tom. They talk about the voices, the ideas, but the most intersting part is this:

QUESTION: It’s not finished…. Hopefully.

[..] Matt Groening: We would love to continue making more Futurama episodes in whatever form... Except Pogs.

I think we haven't even exhausted all the story ideas that we came up with back when the show started in '99.

David X Cohen: Every morning, and I'm not making this up, I find myself thinking in the shower about the next episode that we'll do after this one. I have it mostly worked out, so we're ready to go if the call comes in.

There is a chance of it coming back as the DVDs sold well.

So, there's a possibility that Futurama can be back yet again if the DVD sales are good (and if David and Matt can convince the FOX people). Please check out the whole TotalFilm.com article

About the IWGY Contest, If you entered but didn't receive a reply by me, please check out your SPAM folder just in case. If you have not received my reply on day later since you entered your data, I'll send you a reminder about the reply you must do. You have to reply since I'll now then that your email is not fake.
Also, I've changed the end hour of the contest, the end is Monday, February 23th of 2009 @ 22H00 (GMT -5)
by JavieR / February 19, 2009 / 16:52
Into the Wild Green Yonder DVD giveaway For USA and Canada residents only... I've the oportunity to giveaway 3 copies of the last Futurama DVD, Into the Wild Green Yonder. All you have to do is follow this link:

Into the Wild Green Yonder giveaway contest

You have until Monday, February 23th of 2009 @ 16H00 (GMT -5) to enter, so I can have the winners (that I wil pick randomly). I'll reply to every entry, if the email is valid, in order to confirm your entry.

Good Luck everyone.
by JavieR / February 18, 2009 / 12:12
Toynami Futurama waves 6, 7 and 8 So, what about the next Futurama Toynami acction figures. Thanks to the people from PEEL and Figures.com there's some nice info to share. The Wave 6 was confirmed to be Amy (finally) an Clobberella (Leela), something that was informed over here some months ago :P. The new ones, Wave 7 and Wave 8 include some nice characters, and a plus is the Build-A-Bot 3 character: All the new figures (wave 7 and 8) are subject to change, and are not yet approved, but there's also a print of both new Waves featuring the named characters.

There are 2 versions of Mom (evil and nice) and since both are pending for approval, I don't know if we would get both (although I would preffer evil Mom one with the fat suit, a neat accessory) << That is true now, Mom comes with her fat suit included!

For me, Cook Bender is not a great character (since the could add a new one instead, lke Wernstrum, Lrrr, Scruffy or Sal) and there's is already a Bender and Bender as Super King.

Is great to see the Professor Farnsworth and Hermes finally in this toynami waves, main characters really mising. It seems that the Professor comes with Nibbler (I think Leela should had it) but is great since he is also a kinda principal character.

Roberto sounds great as a Build-a-Bot figure (no preview yet), like the Robot Devil is (I don't have Robot Santa yet)..
by JavieR / February 17, 2009 / 21:42
First Date fan comic by MissusPatches Is time for a brand new update around here... and why not with a new Fan Comic, created by the fans, and for the fans. Today the fan is MissusPatches that created a short (5 pages) but well done one featuring Bnder and Leela, a comic named, First Date. Missus is known because of her neat coloring and details, and this comic is no exception.. it has great images, shades and gags (classic Futurama ones).. I really recommend you not to miss this one.

In other news regarding Into the Wild Green Yonder, 2 more websites are giving away copies of the last Futurama Movie. One is the Futurama Fan Forum, and the other is EDGE Boston. Check them out if you don't want to buy a copy, in case you do (and help TFP in the process), you're just 7 days away to get Into the Wild Green Yonder in DVD or Blu-Ray.
by JavieR / February 15, 2009 / 23:56
Is true, I almost forgot.. is 23H56 (GMT -5) so I'm 4 minutes earlier than the end of Matt Groening's Birthday.. Today he is officially 55 years old. Something small (click to full size):

Congrats Matt
, I know you want to continue with Futurama, do your best to convince FOX for a new TV Season.. and I think today The Simpsons premiered in Widescreen HD (High Definition).. something that Futurama was ment to be produced since the beginning of the series back in 1999.

In case you didn't know, he is the creator of Life in Hell, The Simpsons and of course, Futurama.. if you didn't know that, shame on you (also, where in the universe do you live?!).
by JavieR / February 13, 2009 / 23:05
Hi everyone, are you still excited as I am after the video were Billy West says that FOX is talking of a possible season 6 of futurama (check the article). Well, today I've some nice news, because ilovebender.com, the official Futurama website, has posted the Into the Wild Green Yonder widget:

Is a nice one because it has a Slot machine where you can win virtual money and unlock Wallpapers and even a ScreenSaver of the last Futurama Movie, IWGY. There's also the DVD, Video, and Buy It sections.

In related news, the official website was also updated, adding the Cast and Crew page, and also new Wallpapers and Screenshots. There's also 2 clips of Into the Wild Green Yonder, the TV Spot and an exclusive scene of Donbot, a Fembot and Bender (I'll not spoil anything else).
by JavieR / February 12, 2009 / 11:54
Is true, thanks to the people from Hippojuice and Tim from Futurama Madhouse: TLZ there's a video of Billy West (the voice of Fry, Zapp, Zoidberg, the Professor and many others) talking about a possible new Season (season 6) for Futurama, something he heard from the people of FOX, the video:

Sounds interesting right.. and also because it was Billy West the fisrt one to talk about the resurection of Futurama back in 2005, with the 5th season that became the 4 DVDs.
by JavieR / February 10, 2009 / 15:00
Edna by Mike Jessen Once again, welcome back. I was busy so that's why you didn't see and update around here recently. I've some nice stuff for you, 10 new fanarts created by Mike Jessen (aka Kaspired) featuring Leela in different outfits, Amy inside a martini cup, Fry on Amy's shoulder, an image of Leela, Amy and Zoidberg from the episodes Bend Her and Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles and finally, a sexy fanart of Edna, a decapodian that Zoidberg fell in love with (according to Fry, some weird alien emotion).

That's not the end, because I've also uploaded 3 new fanarts by Maria M Salazar... featuring Amy and Leela as clowns, Fry playing Guitar Hero, and the last one is the cover of a fanfic called Destroying Old relatonships.

Please enjoy, and don't forget that only 14 days are left for the release of Into the Wild Green Yonder... something that is great (more glorious Futurama!), but at the same time means the end of the series, hopefully just for a while..
by JavieR / February 8, 2009 / 22:56
Ok, there's a cool review about what happened with Into the Wild Green Yonder at the New York Comic Con, just step by SlashFilm.com to read and even watch a review from inside the Comic Con, is very fun and interesting, and it says that is a nice movie, almost equal to the 1st one, Bender's Big Score.

Another review appeared, this time from the well known IGN.com.. I find weird to say that Scott Collura is giving the movie a shallow 5/10 when IGN people liked the other 3 movies, and many of the early reviews from the last movie, say that it is a great final movie if the series end there. Check out the IGN.com article by yourselves.

BTW, there's a contest for the people in the USA, you can win a copy of the last DVD, Into the Wild Green Yonder, visit the CGEF Contest article for all the details.
by JavieR / February 4, 2009 / 16:49
Fry and Leela Kiss by Frygirl Hello people.. first update in February, on this month, only in 20 days, the last Futurama Movie will be available for everyone.. I'm talking about Into the Wild Green Yonder, that was already reviewed by the people from CGEF with a 9/10 on the movie... and by the people from DVDtalk.com.

Now, the main stuff over here is the fanart, this time from Frygirl (aka Yume93). I've uploaded No less than eleven new fanarts featuring Leela and a plushie Bender, Fry, Leela, the human Robot Devil, Fry and Leela in a shippy pic, and the rest is (usual in her) a bunch of yaoi fanart because of the Kiss of Leela and Amy in the 3rd movie, Bender's Game (but is older than that, is because of the fan comic where Leela and Amy are a couple that Frygirl and many other fangirls started to draw those yaoi pics). I've to run now.. bye.
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