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by JavieR / February 18, 2009 / 12:12
Toynami Futurama waves 6, 7 and 8 So, what about the next Futurama Toynami acction figures. Thanks to the people from PEEL and there's some nice info to share. The Wave 6 was confirmed to be Amy (finally) an Clobberella (Leela), something that was informed over here some months ago :P. The new ones, Wave 7 and Wave 8 include some nice characters, and a plus is the Build-A-Bot 3 character: All the new figures (wave 7 and 8) are subject to change, and are not yet approved, but there's also a print of both new Waves featuring the named characters.

There are 2 versions of Mom (evil and nice) and since both are pending for approval, I don't know if we would get both (although I would preffer evil Mom one with the fat suit, a neat accessory) << That is true now, Mom comes with her fat suit included!

For me, Cook Bender is not a great character (since the could add a new one instead, lke Wernstrum, Lrrr, Scruffy or Sal) and there's is already a Bender and Bender as Super King.

Is great to see the Professor Farnsworth and Hermes finally in this toynami waves, main characters really mising. It seems that the Professor comes with Nibbler (I think Leela should had it) but is great since he is also a kinda principal character.

Roberto sounds great as a Build-a-Bot figure (no preview yet), like the Robot Devil is (I don't have Robot Santa yet)..
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