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by JavieR / October 31, 2008 / 22:30
Zombie Fry by Sof-Sof I'll be gone this weekend for a little vacations, so you'll not see updates until this next Monday 3th or Tuesday 4th. One of the new stuff around here was created by Fligabob... I'm talking about 5 new stamps featuring the Hypnotoad, Leela, Bender and Nibbler. Some new fanart is also here, this time from Sof-Sof featuring 2 shippy pics, one of Fry and Leela together, and the other of Fry riding Centaur Leela (inspired by the upcoming movie, Bender's Game). The final and featured fanart is of the Zombie Fry.. for all the fans that are looking for something Halloween related. Enjoy!.
by JavieR / October 30, 2008 / 09:41
Continuing with the video boom about Bender's Game (pick up your copy at Amazon), someone named oxycodone uploaded the Extendend Intro of Bender's Game (a parody of Yellow Submarine), that includes the opening subtitle of the Movie: "The Flames in your TV are not part of the Show". With nothing more to write, check it out:
by JavieR / October 29, 2008 / 20:35
Neat news everyone, Futurama: Bender's Game (Available on November 4th) has now 4 new clips, all of them uploaded at YouTube by someone named just Futuramaisback, check them out while the videos stay online (I'm almost sure these videos will be deleted soon):

Bender's Game - Hermaphrodite

Bender's Game - Surprise Attack

Bender's Game DVD Extra - Dungeons & Dragons & Futurama:

Bender's Game DVD Extra - How to draw Futurama in 83 easy steps:

There's also a new mini trailer of Bender's Game at WorstPreviews.com. To finalize this awesome update, the official Futurama website, ILoveBender.com is changing the design of the site for the upcoming movie, so right now, we can only see a preview of it.. don't forget to check that out later!.
by JavieR / October 28, 2008 / 22:59
Human Robot Devil and Leela by MissusPatches I should be sleeping, that why this is a quick update. Today, I've some new stuff from MissusPatches, starting with 7 new XP/Buddie icons featuring mostly the Robot Devil and Leela. The second stuff by here are 4 new fanarts featuring the Robot Devil, Zapp, one of those weird scenes of Fry and Zapp (Frygirl's idea) and the last one featuring the humanized Robot Devil with Leela in a very interesting all in purple style (featured today).
In other news, I' working on the new design of the site. I'm trying to get it done soon, but is kinda hard with some other stuff that I must do. This new design is kinda inproved and in pure CSS (at least the main structure for the moment), because change all the sections to pure CSS could take a long time.
by JavieR / October 22, 2008 / 12:41
Fry and Leela dancing by Tastes-Like-Fry Hi again. With only 13 days left (12 in the UK) for the release of the 3rd Futurama DVD, Bender's Game, I've some new fanart by a new artist. Her name is Tastes-Like-Fry, and you'll see 6 of her fanarts featuring 2 Fry & Leela shippy images, one featuring Leela in a motorcycle with Fry next to her, one of Bender, Leela in a pink and white dress, and finally, an original character called Lucy Fry, daughter of Fry and Leela.
I've to run now, kinda busy while I was updating TFP...
by JavieR / October 22, 2008 / 12:41
Bender Kitty by psychopainter Well, today I've some great stuff four all of you. There's yeat another a new artist around here, his name is psychopainter, and the work that he created is just amazing, Futurama Pop Art. This guy has created some great mix of Pop Art like Bender + Hello Kitty, Leela + Space Invaders, Natural Bord Killers + Bender, Kid Fry Bot and some others, obviously all of them related to the Pop culture. Is intersting because acording to him.

1.) Nothing in contemporary pop culture ever really goes away. It just accumulates.
2.) There is no hierarchy of information in contemporary pop culture. Everything is equally valuable/disposable. Therefore, everything is interchangeable.

In other neat news, the rumour of the 4rt Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder release date in Febreuary 24th of 2009, was also confirmed by a reliable industry source of TVShowsOnDVD... the full article is over here.
by JavieR / October 19, 2008 / 23:06
Fry and Leela in bed by Ekuhvielle So, Im back again with you people. I have a flu since this past friday, so I've been tired, and tired... Today I've some stuff by new artist. I'm gonna start with tarion, that kindly gave me permission to upload a great isometric pixelart image of Bender with a Suicide Booth on the street.
The other new artist around here is in the fanart section, he is Ekuhvielle. His images feature some nice ones like, Fry as Bart's big brother, Leela and Fry in bed (from the episode Antology of Interest I), Leelo (male Leela), Fry and Zapp as partners, and a very depressed Fry. He creates some great coloring, so you have to check it out. Soon I'll be ading more stuff from him and other new artists, so, see you around.
by JavieR / October 17, 2008 / 13:52
Fry: Friendship of Doom by Frygirl (Yume93) Hi again. I was gonna update TFP yesterday, but, I've been busy and my Internet was not working corectly in the past 2 days. I've uploaded a new Fanfic created by Meagan called Haircuts, Teleporting, and Homicidal Snails (Part 2), that is as you can see the 2nd and final part of her fanfic, be sure to check it out. There's also new fanart by Yume93, this time with 7 new images featuring Bender and the Robot devil, Fry alone, Leela and Fry, and Zapp + Fry (I still find that subject very disturbing).. The last but not least is a group of 6 new Buddie Icons created by MissusPatches, with images featuring Leela and the Robot Devil,or the Beelzebot alone. That's all for today, but I'll update very soon.
by JavieR / October 14, 2008 / 09:43
Well, thanks to CGEF, it seems that the 4th Futurama Movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder, will be available in the UK on February 23th of 2009, according to the 20th Century Fox UK: DVD Upcoming Releases page. It could be a global release date, or it could be a day earlier than in the US, like in the 3rd Futurama Movie, Bender's Game.

In other news related to the last Futurama DVD Movie, an interview of iFMagazine with Matt Groening talks about it. One of the striking answers of Matt about the end of Futurama (again) is that "For the last scene we made an ending that will be very satisfying [..] We did that, so if that's the last thing people see, they will be satisfied.". There's no word if after the 4 movies, we could see more Futurama in the future... I guess we will have to wait until the sales of the movies get to a very big number of $. For more about the interview please visit the iFMagazine.com article.
by JavieR / October 13, 2008 / 21:45
Bender's Game exclusive Futurama Cards at Play.com (UK) Hi, there's already another early review of the 3rd Futurama movie, Bender's Game. This time is from DVDTalk.com, they say that "Bender's Game still manages to pack in more successful laughs than both previous outings", something really good, and is also recommended by the writer of the full DVDTalk article, Randy Miller III.

Good news for the UK fans (thanks to Hoduk for the info), if you're gonna buy Bender's Game (if you're not.. shame on you), try to preorder a copy from Play.com, because you can get a set of exclusive Futurama Cards. There's also a preview of the new Futurama: Complete Seasons 1 - 4 Collection Box Set that is looking great if you ask me.
by JavieR / October 12, 2008 / 13:25
Fry, Leela and Bender in 3D by philbot Once again I'm around here to give you some neat Futurama stuff. I've a new artist around here, he is philbot, and I'm glad to present 2 amazing 3D images that he created. Both feature the Futurama main characters, Fry, Leela and Bender, very well done in 3D.. flawless work. One features the crew together (the image featured today) and the other is one character over the shoulders of the other (I dunno if I made myself clear).
In other news, you've about 7 hours to win the signed Futurama Bowling Shirt eBay auction, that is now in a price of $202,97 (that is just fine if you're a diehard Futurama fan, and if you wanna help McIntyre House in the process). That's all for now.. bye.
by JavieR / October 10, 2008 / 22:08
Hypnotoad stamp by fligabob Hi, I was gonna update earlier this week, but I was lazy... besides yesterday I got hit by a football (soccer) ball in my right eye, so I've been seeing double in the past 16 hours. Today's update features a brand new website called Zoidberg's Dumpster, created by Meagan (aka Smarty), so go ahead and take a look, you might find some nice info you didn't know about Zoidy. I've also added the site to the Links section and as a Buddie button at your right.
There's also a new artist around here, I've added 5 stamps he created and his name is Fligabob. The stams feature the Hypnotoad, Fry (x2), Leela as a robot and the Professor.
In a final note, did you know about a crazy article at Amazon called the Futurama Flying Car (FFC) that's being sold for $50.000... no?.. me neither..
by JavieR / October 5, 2008 / 16:20
If you're looking for Futurama merchandise and you wanna help a cause, this is your chance. An eBay auction has a Futurama Tin Sign, signed Futurama Comic Books and a signed Futurama Bowling Shirt that was made for the cast only. All the profits go to the McIntyre House: A non-profit residential substance abuse recovery program for men. The starting bid of all items is $9,99. Here's the auction widget:
The T-Shirt and all the Comics (issues 3, 4, 5 and 6) were hand signed by Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, John DiMaggio and Phil LaMarr. The eBay charity auction ends on October 12, 2008, so you have still 8 days from today.
by JavieR / October 5, 2008 / 00:45
Fry, Leela and Bender: You can't Prove it won't Happen by echidnite Once again I'm around here since I'm not that busy any more. I've some nice stuff for you today... Five new images created by echidnite featuring: Leela, Fry and Bender in Chibi and a kinda cool Oeaki style, A younger Zoidberg called Jhonny Z, a fanart of Fry in a different style, and a cool image featuring the main Futurama Crew with the Planet Express Spaceship in the background.

In other news, I found a short but funny/interesting article from PopSci.com featuring Davd X. Cohen, where he talks about The Geekification of TV (that's the name of the article) and how Science and Technology is now a part of comedy show like Futurama (but not real Science, mainly Science Fiction). In one of the questions of the interview Cohen says: "I read a lot of scientific magazines because it helps alleviate my guilt for leaving science. But a lot of our technologies come from science fiction.". Futurama is also featured in the photo gallery of PopSci.com called To TiVo or Not to TiVo. Enjoy!.
by JavieR / October 2, 2008 / 21:56
Fry, The Mighty One by SonicPanther Hi. This has been a busy busy week.. Doing this, doing that.. no time to update TFP. Today I've some free time so I've some stuff to let you know about and some stuff for you to check out. Let's start with some info thanks to Meagan (a.k.a. Smarty).. you can now buy the first 2 seasons of Futurama at iTunes, just go there and search for Futurama. Another big news is the early review of Bender's Game at CGEF, were you can find out something more about the upcoming movie, that you can Preorder at Amazon.

So, today's Fan Stuff features diferent artists. SonicPanther with a nice new fanart of Fry called 'The Mighty One'. Also, 2 new images created by Lee Roberts, one featuring Leela and Amy wrestling from the episode 'Jurassic Bark', and the other of Zoidberg from the episode 'Why must I be a Crustacean in Love'. I'll be back (hopefully very soon) with new fan stuff!.
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