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by JavieR / July 29, 2007 / 19:23
Hey everyone... I'm back around here, and today I'm gonna upload many of the great stuff I said I didn't add in the past few days (because of my trip... and my laziness). First, I've added thw new comics, created by Moldy Warp named "Please God No More Futurama - Issue 3" and "Planet Express - Issue 1". Second, a new scan created by punxdude, this time featuring the D.O.O.P. poster from the Futurama comic #4: "D.O.O.P. The Right Thing!".

The third stuff is about the new Futurama movies. In the last Comic-Con 2007 in San Diego, two (maybe more) Futurama advertisements (thanks to Futurama Madhouse & Oficcer 1BDI) were launched. One features the first stright-to-DVD movie Bender's Big Score, and the other named Click My Shiny Metal Remote! poster that features the new episodes on Comedy Central. According to IMDb because of some posts from Maurice LaMarche (voice of Kif Kroker, a.k.a. moe-ski at IMDb) here and here, the names of the four movies are:
  1. Bender's Big Score (November 27th, 2007)
  2. The Beast with a Billion Backs (2008)
  3. Bender's Game (2008)
  4. Into the Wild Green Yonder (2008)
by JavieR / July 20, 2007 / 19:52
Hi, I was supposed to update the site adding some new great stuff that I'd like to share, but I've no time right now, I have to go out in a few moments. I've been busy as hell with some important stuff in my career, and tomorrow, I'll travel to Bogotá - Colombia, so I'll be bacj on Wednesday... meanwhile I apologize for the lack of updates around here.
by JavieR / July 8, 2007 / 10:48
I'm kinda tired right now. I played a football (soccer) game yesterday, so I'm kinda exhausted... but hey, I've some great stuff to share with all of you today. Have you imagined Bender playing the guitar... I guess maybe not, or maybe yes, but this update is a proof that what I'm saying really exists. With no more intros, say hello to punxdude from France, and his brand new 4 fanart images featuring Bender all around. Two of them feature Bender's beer, Benderbrau!. Other one is Bender playing texas-style venusian black hold'em, and the las one featured here, is a close up of Bender holding a nice red & white guitar.
In other news, I found out some Futurama stuff, that you might be interested. There's a Bender Amigurumi Pattern (a knitted doll) at a textile blog called Stitch where you can find the patterns charts in order to create your own Bender doll (if you know how to knitt, is a mistery for me :P).
That's all, bye.
by JavieR / July 6, 2007 / 19:58
Welcome back, is time for a new update around here my friends. I've uploaded some new stuff from a new artist around here. The "stuff" is actually 2 new comics created by Moldy Warp, that have the confusing title "Please God No More Futurama - Issue 1 and Issue 2", but check them out. Also, they look very similar, but they are not. I've also added a new site to the Links section, this time is The Infosphere, a wiki that has many info about the series, and where you can contribute adding more relevant Futurama content. I've to sleep now, I've a football (soccer) game tomorrow... bye.
by JavieR / July 4, 2007 / 09:24
Nice to read some news about Futurama, this time from Lauren Tom, the voice of Amy. In a exclusive interview with IGN, Lauren talked about the new Futurama Movies/Episodes. In her words:
'We just did sixteen episodes and we just recorded the last four, and that was a big tear-fest.'
Acording to her, the recording is done, but there's a lot of expectation because of what David X. Cohen, Futurama exclusive producer, said in the last table read:
'Welcome to the very last, last, last episode of Futurama... until the next last one!'
For more info about this news go to IGN's Exclusive: Futurama Actress Gives Update
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