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by JavieR / July 8, 2007 / 10:48
I'm kinda tired right now. I played a football (soccer) game yesterday, so I'm kinda exhausted... but hey, I've some great stuff to share with all of you today. Have you imagined Bender playing the guitar... I guess maybe not, or maybe yes, but this update is a proof that what I'm saying really exists. With no more intros, say hello to punxdude from France, and his brand new 4 fanart images featuring Bender all around. Two of them feature Bender's beer, Benderbrau!. Other one is Bender playing texas-style venusian black hold'em, and the las one featured here, is a close up of Bender holding a nice red & white guitar.
In other news, I found out some Futurama stuff, that you might be interested. There's a Bender Amigurumi Pattern (a knitted doll) at a textile blog called Stitch where you can find the patterns charts in order to create your own Bender doll (if you know how to knitt, is a mistery for me :P).
That's all, bye.
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