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by JavieR / November 26, 2005 / 18:37
Is about 00H25 around here, so I can say I don't wanna sleep... yet! Today's update is available thanks to a great fan artist called DD8 by me, but the actual nickname is DogDoo8. Now, what he has created is really cool stuff people. First, you'll find four new art featuring three of them Amy and one of them Leela. Two of the images are sketches of the final images. You'll find also 3 new 3D images, all of them featuring the Planet Express Starship, also all the images made by DD8. In other news... blah! Nothing to big to say here, I guess that's the end of this update, isn't it?
by JavieR / November 23, 2005 / 17:01
I was just cheking ouf PEEL, and I noticed that a Fan Art thread was updated, I thought it was a new update by this great artist, but in fact was only an opinion by a member called Benders_Fan. I wanna thank him for bump that thread since that was the reason I noticed I never uploaded an art made by Introducing Emy. The image features Kif Kroker as Kru Kroker, his evil half-brother cyborg... (That's what I suppose :P) I also found two of her hand-made arts (posted here quite a while), but coloured by another PEEL member, wu_konguk. It would be great to see new Emy's arts :D Well, I'm gonna sleep now...
by JavieR / November 23, 2005 / 12:27
Since I've been kinda lazy this weekend, I've not created something new by myself, but, thanks to Kazia, I contributed in one of her wallpapers, that features Fry stuck on your desktop. The original image was to small to be a wallpaper, so I re-scaned Kazia's image and I think it looks kinda cool. The other wallpaper was made exclusively by Kazia, and features Bender smoking a cigar, she said that she doesn't remember the episode, and neither I remember where that Bender image appears. You'l find the first wallpaper in all the possible resolutions, and the second one in 800x600 and 1024x768 pixels. BTW, tyhe title has nothing to do with this update or Futurama, I was just watching the first season of the Thundercats on DVD, and you know that is also a damn good show!
by JavieR / November 17, 2005 / 18:27
I've slept since 16H00 today, and now I recently woke up. I've been dealing with a decision, to connect the DVD±RW unit to my PC and wait for a few days to see if the damn thing still works or not to connect the unit. What to do??? Is true that I need my DVD±RW but I don't wanna pay for a new one in a few months (Like I did before with a DVD-ROM unit). Ok, now that you've read about what's troubling me >:#, let's go with this update. Once again, I've uploaded part of Paul A. Metcalfe's scans and arts, that he made since the start of the series (6 years and counting). Today's images feature the stunning Turanga Leela in a lot of different situations, including original arts (very good ones, like the one featured as a thumbnail), all of them Leela related of course. There's about 59 new images, so check them out.
by JavieR / November 16, 2005 / 12:04
Is about 23H30 around here, so is legalistically (see what legal stuff can do to me!) November 16, 2005. I'm gonna be quick because I really wanna sleep at least 6 hours today. Today's update is possible thanks to an artist, one of the newest around here, Professor Zoidy. Her art this time features Leela, in a very cool expression, and hand-made. There's also the scanned version of the picture, thanks to Fry1077, that is featured in today's update. I'll love to do more (or maybe do something Futurama related by myself), but hey! Life is a bitch... sometimes :X
by JavieR / November 14, 2005 / 15:46
Of course is evolution, that's how almost all the life moves on and changes to survive. This, of course is my definition of evolution, but that's doesn't necessarily applies to Robots. That's why a cool artist, I mean Kazia [nobody saw anything, right!!?], has made a chart of robots evolution, focusing in a Bending Unit named Bender. She has made Bender's Evolution, based in the episode "04ACV09 - Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles". This wallpaper (did I say that before... nope, i didn't!), is available from the 1280x960 to the 640x480 pixels. There you go, that's all today, see ya!
by JavieR / November 12, 2005 / 20:51
I'm doomed.. doooooooomed! Not only because the downloads are still dead (crap! damn! f**k!), but also because I have to create a legal letter of Housing named Framework Agreement. I don't like laws and that kind of stuff. Today I have a new fan art from the great Cap'n Skusting. The image (that I usually put as a thumbnail, at one side of the text) features Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth as the known Pirate Captain, with a T-shirt that says: I Love Cyborg. Go ahead and take a look, you'll not be dissapointed. I'm gonna try again to write that stupid letter... but I don't really want to.
by JavieR / November 9, 2005 / 21:40
Hello again! How are you people...? I'm very busy with some exams about subjects that I don't really like. What is new around here? If you haven't noticed, that thumbnail in today's update is because I've added the the icons section, the two amazing Futurama icons, volume 1 and 2 by Gedeon Maheux. The first volume of icons contains all the main charecters of the series, including Scruffy, the janitor. The second and brand new volume is all about humans, Mom and her sons, Leo & Inez Wong, Zapp, Cubert and even Wernstrom. If you go to the icons section, the Download link will redirect you to The Icon Factory website in order to download the icons. Enjoy!
by JavieR / November 6, 2005 / 15:03
I could also take a nap, but I'm kinda busy right now with a website design for an institution. What I have today was sent by a cool artist named Kazia, and what she sent me was a brand new wallpaper. This image features Bender and her original character "Adi", taking a nap. The original version of that wallpaper is with Fry next to Bender, but I guess Kazia decided to change it. You'll find the wallpaper in the 1024x768 and 800x600 px. resolution. I have some stuff to do, so don't be mad if you don't see so frequent updates.
by JavieR / November 2, 2005 / 18:21
Hi once again! Today is the Day of the Dead around here (and in many other countries too), you go to the cemetery to visit your lost relatives and friends... and you eat the yummy Colada Morada (A Purple dense drink with fruits, preferably hot) with Guaguas de Pan (Children Bread. Sounds scary, but is only a piece of bread with the shape of a baby child, although that sounded even scarier...) I'm just eating that right now... but now lets go with the update. I've today about 43, I meant exactly 43 scans and arts created by a great artist named Paul A. Metcalfe. Those images are part of Paul's archive that I have to upload here because otherwise the images could be lost! The scanarts feature the following galleries: Fry, Hermes, Kif, Nibbler, Zapp, Zoidberg, The Professor and Other Characters (This last one includes Calculon, Fatbot and the Mighty Hypnotoad). Many of the images are old by today, but that doesn't mean they are not well done. I've to go now, bye!
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