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by JavieR / August 27, 2005 / 18:28
Laziness... what that heck! I've been working all this weekend and still there's more to make. So I decided to update the site once again. Thanks to Nobull, is that I've uploaded a new wallpaper. He made the image using two framegrabs, and features NNYC city seen from the Cryogenic's Lab that had Fry frozen for a thousand years. Is cool because has great detail (specially in the Bachelor Chow and Slurm advertisements), but the whole wallpaper is great. I've uploaded the 1024x768 and 800x600 resolutions. I don't know why I forgot to upload a scan that the same Nobull made, the image is that "You gotta do what you gotta do" poster that Leela had when she worked at the Cryogenic's Lab. In other news (that I forgot to post here earlier), Futurama Madhouse (a.k.a. The Leela Zone) was offline for a few days (the reasons where just technical problems), but by today they're back online.
by JavieR / August 25, 2005 / 19:55
Is kinda crapy when you have to do something for this weekend, but you're not sure if what you're doing is actually right. Now, I've been doing this, doing that all day, but right know I could use a break. Let's see what I have for you today. First, some new art by Cap'n Skusting, he made a cool art that features a broken robot from Wernstrom Enterprises, inspired by electronic piece already broken on the street. I also uploaded two previous arts from the Cap'n (since I forgot to do it earlier). One of them features the Bots Gone Wild poster (uncensored version), and the other features a lot of tasty Slurm thrown over a street. A new scan is here thanks to Homies, and features Bender trying to plug a blender in a wild boar's nose from the episode "04ACV14 - Obsoletely Fabolous". The scan is very detailed if you ask me. I'm sorry but is all I can upload today, and I hope that by the end of this weekend I can use more of my time on the site.
by JavieR / August 24, 2005 / 08:38
Sorry if you didn't see updates on this site, I've been watching the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVDs, that are just great and funny. My birthday was this August 22... but for the occasion, I was not at home :P. Now, to open this update, I have to say that I've been allowed to put all the scans and arts from Paul A. Metcalfe on this site. That's why today I've uploaded the rest of the Bender images made by Paul (sinse some of them where already uploaded here). I think they are about 11 arts featuring Bender. I also uploaded 2 new scan arts made by Bofr@. The first one features the Purple Fruit Snake (the character of TFP current logo). The second features Amy from the zombie universe, and like I said before, is disgustingly cool.
by JavieR / August 19, 2005 / 08:42
Is true, is about 01H28 around here and I'm kinda sleepy. Not to mention that I have to end those damn CDs I'm doing for this August 29th, so I'm gonna be busy busy busy the next week. Today's update is here thanks to a new artist, that submitted not one or two or three but four wallpapers. His name is Nobull, and his creations feature Fry and Bender inside the suicide booth from the first episode of the series, "01ACV01 - Space Pilot 3000". Three of them are from a single framegrab each, but the last one features a four image sequence of Fry & Bender inside the suicide booth. (I think I already wrote that...). You'll find them in the 800x600 and 1024x768 px resolutions. I have to go now, I have to continue doing those crapy CDs.
by JavieR / August 15, 2005 / 08:38
Since one day I started to create this section, but I ave up for unknown reasons, there you go a brand new section, Futurama Comics. I know is not original, but believe me, you'll not say that about the content. I just uploaded the section with 4 comics from two different persons. The first one that acctually submitted a comic was Nari Ponder, that created asingle image comic called Amy Comic. The rest of the comics where made by a great person named Bofr@, that created 3 comics ...(actually 5, but I only uploaded 3 because they are kinda heavy for my dial-up connection)... with his famous Flash made ComicMaker (That I have to update to the last version, sorry about that Bofr@). The comics feature different situations, like Bender and the purple fruit snake, Fry + Bender + PE Spaceship, Fry + Bender + Nibbler = Baby Sitting and Zapp Brannigan with his subservients. Please take a look to see the Comics. If you find errors in the new section, please let me know.
by JavieR / August 9, 2005 / 12:07
I know I didn't updated this site in seven days. A reason was that I was out of town this weekend, because I had to go to a cousin's wedding. Today, let's see wha's new... Of course, a new fan artist called Groovy Girl, sent me four images, one featuring Fry and the other three featuring Leela. I have to give credit to this girl, because she's just eleven years old and she lives in Canada. I really like the Punk Fry she made, looks kinda cool. In other news, someone could notice that I removed the counter from this site (that today I put back). The problem of StatCounter (that is free and has very cool tracking features), is that if you have more than 250,000 pageloads/month of your site (not unique visitors, just pageloads), they say that either pay to use the counter or remove the code from the site, because they were gonna block it. That's not cool, because I thought I finally found a well done free counter. I'll see what I can do to feint those guys of StatCounter... I can not pay what they ask me to pay.
by JavieR / August 1, 2005 / 10:56
Hello everyone once again. I have a stomach ache right know, so is kinda difficult for me to write this update (not really, although I am in pain). Today I've decided to upload not one, not two but three Wallapers from two different artists. Two of them, where made by the Cap'n, onew featuring Fry and the other the Professor (both in a piratized style), The third wallaper was made by King Fig, and features Calculon (thumbnail). I believe all the wallpapers have almost all the resolutions so please take a look or two. I really have to rest for a while, bye!
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