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by JavieR / August 15, 2005 / 08:38
Since one day I started to create this section, but I ave up for unknown reasons, there you go a brand new section, Futurama Comics. I know is not original, but believe me, you'll not say that about the content. I just uploaded the section with 4 comics from two different persons. The first one that acctually submitted a comic was Nari Ponder, that created asingle image comic called Amy Comic. The rest of the comics where made by a great person named Bofr@, that created 3 comics ...(actually 5, but I only uploaded 3 because they are kinda heavy for my dial-up connection)... with his famous Flash made ComicMaker (That I have to update to the last version, sorry about that Bofr@). The comics feature different situations, like Bender and the purple fruit snake, Fry + Bender + PE Spaceship, Fry + Bender + Nibbler = Baby Sitting and Zapp Brannigan with his subservients. Please take a look to see the Comics. If you find errors in the new section, please let me know.
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