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by JavieR / May 27, 2005 / 20:27
I'm truly and deeeply sorry for not been able to update TFP. It has been more than a full week, because like the title says, nightmares are real. I've been doing some CD demos and they had to be done by this past Wednesday. The problem was that I had to do many stuff for each CD, furthermore, I have my University stuff. Today I uploaded not one but two wallpapers. The first one that I'll mention is a rehash, well, not exactly, is kinda the same. Is the wallpaper featuring the Suicide Booth from the First Episode of the Series, that it was only available as a scan in one of my past updates. The secon one is far old than the first one, but I don't know why that hell I didn't upload. This one was made by Hobo, featuring Zoidy dancing in a Mushroom field. Once again, sorry for the lack of updates around here.
by JavieR / May 16, 2005 / 11:57
Maybe that would be a nice secondary slogan for the site, what do you think!? Na, I'll add it... later. Today I've no much for you, but, I do have a new cool new Comic made by Nari "Nio" Ponder. The iage fetures a conversation between Dr. Ziodberg and Fry, and it was created thanks to the ComicMaker made by Bofr@. I've some announcements to make (since I've nothing else to upload :P)
[1] If you sign the Guestbook, you'll notice that your comments will be not posted immediately. That change was made due a lot of posts not related with this site or Futurama.
[2] Please for the love of God (any God!), read carefully the text in the Need A Button? section. I think the bigest text says "FUTURAMA WEBSITES ONLY". Maybe I will do some exceptions with the Simpsons sites, because I've made some scans, but I'll not create buttons for all the websites in the WWW.
by JavieR / May 11, 2005 / 09:42
Finally... I'm going crazy!!!! I'm having an unbelievable stress with many stuff I have to do and so few time. Don't ask me how I was able to update TFP, because honestly, I do not know!. I really need to scream a lot of obscenities :X or destroy something >:# because otherwise I will be a crazy person, seriously. Today... let me check. I know, today I've added a scan made by a person with the help of a program called the ComicMaker. That's correct, Nari Ponder created a comic using Bofr@'s invention, featuring Amy, Kif and Fry. If you don't know what the ComicMaker is, just take a look in the above link (ComicMaker link!), and if you think your image is good enough, submit it!. Today I also added the last scan made by a great artist from Futurama Area DE, he is Homies, and his last image features Bender running away of the 1-X Robot compatibility upgrade, from the episode "04ACV14 - Obsoletely Fabulous".
by JavieR / May 6, 2005 / 14:31
Of course that some subjects are quite disgusting, like the last exam I took... I think I made about 5% of it!! Damn I am mad, and more... I'm about to crash on a wall. I studied & studied but in the end it was useless. That's also the reason why you didn't see updates in the past days. Today, I've uploaded the last art from the great Cap'n Skusting. He has created a very funny image, so funny, that it deserves to be a full size poster. The thumbail title is "Bot Gone Wild" and the content is something you have to see to believe. The quality of the art is like any other of his images, very good. I think I'm gonna sleep now, stupid hangover... ouch!.
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