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by JavieR / December 31, 2004 / 08:20
New Year's Eve... well not that close but hey! I haven't forgotten TFP. This year hasn't been what I expected about Futurama's comeback. There was a lot of rumors and movements but nothing that great. That doesn't mean that this site is going to die, TFP is going to be on feet this next year 2005. Today's update comes from a new artist of the Fanart section. If you take a look at the thumbnail of this update you'll find out that buzzmethru has submitted 11 new original arts featuring mostly Leela, but also Bender, Fry, Nibbler, Zoidberg and Hermes. I guess this is it for this year, that all of you have an Amazing Year 2005, Peace!!!
by JavieR / December 24, 2004 / 08:51
Christmas, Merry Christmas! That was the title Ladies and Nerds (don't take it seriously, I'm just joking!). Almost five hours left for Xmas and I have nothing oroginal to upload here... I've been without making any Futurama stuff for a while so all I did is a new Wallpaper featuring the Classic Robot Santa but with a kinda nicer colouring. The second update is also a wallaper, but this time by a great artist named Homies. Do you remember his last scan of Bender after his 1-X Upgrade posted here 2 days ago?, Well, this is the wallpaper version from that scan, and I must say, damn is well done!. Today that's all I can do, have a nice Xmas!
by JavieR / December 23, 2004 / 13:23
Yeah! Is about 23H00 around here and almost frogot to update TFP. I said I was gonna upload something else so here we go. The first submission came from a new artist of the Fanart section. That person is named Brandi Smart and you'll find 3 arts featuring Bender, Fry, Zapp and a the Crack Junkie that appeared in two episode according to my memory (not so reliable!). The second stuff was made by Cap'n Skusting featuring Shanghai Amy 'Xmas edition'. The thumbnail features her as you can see. One day left for Christmas, let's hope I can create something for this 24th, but I'm not so sure...
by JavieR / December 22, 2004 / 08:33
I'm finally out of work to do at least for a week. That means that I'll be able to upgrade some sections and create new content. Meanwhile, you'll have to check out some stuff from another people from the Futurama Community. The first is one is Homies with his last & highly detailed scan featuring Bender after his 1-X upgrade, from the end of the episode "04ACV14 - Obsoletely Fabulous". The Second one is a original fanart from Paul A. Metcalfe with a very 'suggestive' image that features Amy and Leela wishing us a Happy Christmas anda Merry New Year. That's it for today, I've to go out right this moment, but tomorrow I'll get you some more.
by JavieR / December 19, 2004 / 20:45
I'm hungry, is 01H00 and I don't have nothing to eat around here. Well, I'll have to fill in with an update. This new stuff comes from a great artist and I'm glad to have it here at TFP, is a new Fan Video that features Dr. John Zoidberg dancing a sticky song (that was in my head for a few days) called "The Hustle". It's a very funy video, and it has good 3D quality. The format of the video is a MOV file so, if you don't have Quicktime (why don't you have it?) please go to this page to download it. I also added a 3D Image that I forgot to upload the other day from Hobo himself featuring the Mutant Leg from the NNYC Sewers. Take 2 looks.
by JavieR / December 15, 2004 / 22:19
[ON] Great!!! I finally finished the Xmas Layout. As you can see, a Blue Xmas around here, featuring Leela in the Main logo. I didn't have time to create new scans for the headers, but I decorate them with a snow pattern (or something like that...). I tried to cover all the site with the blue color, but think I forgot the Guestbook. If I have more time I'll try to put these colors there. That's all for today, I hope I can create some Xmas stuff for you soon, but we'll see. BTW, if you have any troubles dowloading something, please try doing "Right Click" on the link and choose"Save As..." [OFF]
by JavieR / December 13, 2004 / 07:13
Today is monday and I don't wanna do anything, I just wanna sleep for 12 Hours each day. I've been around but I was unable to update the site because I was busy this weekend. TOday I finaly have some extra time so I decided to upload some Fanart from two great artists. The first one was made by Homies and features Bender in a poster style. The second one, features Shanghai Amy (check out the thumbnail) named like that because it was made by Cap'n Skusting. Both are great images, so go there and visit them. The Xmas layout is still frozen, I'll try to do something right now...
by JavieR / December 10, 2004 / 10:14
Is about 00H00 (GMT -5) around here so is officially December 10th, 2004. I've been working in the xmas layout, but I have a lot of studies so I've been unable to finish it (besides, I'm out of xmas pics but I'll try to use what I already got). Today I have some stuff for this season, how about some Buddie Icons featuring Xmas season. Thanks to Fug91 you'll find 8 New XP/MSN Icons featuring Amy, Fry, Leela, Robot Santa, Zoidberg, Bender and Nibbler. I also added a News header featuring the FryScape: Episode I project, a Futurama old-fashioned point-and-click adventure. The lider of the project, Idan, is looking for people willing to help, so please take a look. I have a difficult test tomorrow so I've to study. bye.
by JavieR / December 5, 2004 / 14:31
It's like a tongue twister, but I don't know why I'm still kinda confused. Those two names are very similar, that reminds me, I've uploaded something new around here, maybe the thumbnail will refresh my memory... ok, I got it. Pleas welcome a new artist at the Fanart section. The person whom I'm referring (it's that correct or just another of my gramamr errors?) is Introducing Emy, and she has created 7 amazing arts featuring the main characters parodying another series/comics and original images like Amy (not Emy!) on the thumbnail. I'm still gettin' ready to create a xmas layout, I'm very lazy right now. Out & later!.
by JavieR / December 2, 2004 / 20:24
Just an small update to let you know that Leandro from Futurama Madhouse uploaded yesterday an interview with me (hurray!), go there and check it the answers to a lot of questions that he asked me. That's because FM is making interviews with the people from the Futurama community , if you wanna go directly to the interviews click here I also fixed the thumbnail from the past update, featuring the new wallpaper I made. That's all.
by JavieR / December 1, 2004 / 19:08
Finally, finally I can update TFP. I've been quite busy with my studies and I've been writing the TSPi and the SRS of a project. These days the downloads server was down, I don't know if the downloads are again available (because I haven't test them!) but if the problem persists please be patient. Today I finished (bullshit, I made it 3 days ago but like I said, I didn't have time) the new Wallpaper that I made features Beelzebot and Fry from the episode, if I can remember well... "04ACV18 - The Devil's Hands Are Idle Palythings". I spent a normal amount of time on this one, but the result was better that I expected. Please take a look at it because is available from the 800x600 to the 1600x1200 pixels resolutions. I'm gonna sleep, is 00H00 here and I have classes at 07H00... and forget about the title of the update, I was out of ideas. Chao.
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