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by JavieR / November 24, 2004 / 14:46
It's kinda true my friends... I don't mean a full return (that's the meaning of the title BTW), but is a kind of. There's a new art around here, as usually is available in the Fanart Section, the person I'm referring to is of course, Paul A. Metcalfe. The last scan that he made is named Amy's Wedding, and if you go and take a look of the image, you'll find a beautiful Amy with a soft pink dress holding a bouquet. I also added to the buddies his new Gallery site, named exactly Paul's Futurama Art Gallery. The site has by today 417 scans and fanart made by Paul, so go there if you wanna see more. About the Wallpaper I'm working on, I'll try to finish it soon, but don't expect any miracles :P
by JavieR / November 21, 2004 / 22:40
I think I'll fall sleep before I can finish this update................................................... sorry... where was I, oh yeah! I was about to tell you about the new update you're reading. Today I uploaded the last Fanart from a great artist around here, and all his pictures have something in common... and that detail is... Pirates. You guessed, Cap'n Skusting latest image featuring Kif's revenge from the fictitious motion picture, "Mutinity On The Nimbus". Please take a look, it is a great fanart that you can not miss. Have fun!
I'm working on a new wallpaper... potentially next update around here (if I'm not busy or lazy).
by JavieR / November 19, 2004 / 11:24
I've been quite busy this couple of weeks, I had a lot of stuff to do (as always you'll say!)... really , I have no time to create something new like scans or wallpapers. Today I have some new stuff from a new artist. Maybe you know him, or may be not, but that's not the point. The important is that the Fanart section has now a new person named Homies. You'll find 5 new scans that he made, all of them with an amazing quality and softness that you'll not beleive if until you see the images. The scans feature the Futurama Calendars, Promos and Episodes (like the thumbnail). BTW, Homies is also the man behind Futurama Area DE, TFP's newest buddie.
by JavieR / November 16, 2004 / 16:37
I think this update will make it. I wrote that because I don't know if I'll be able to upload the content that I'll tell you right away. I'm very busy studying in order to get some decent grades :P so I'm kinda short of time. The person that sent me quite a lot of content is the same person that sent the past update content, and guess what! The stuff he sent is also the same and it looks great. If you still don't know what I mean please visit the XP/MSGR Icons and look for a guy named Fug91... you'll find 38 new images from a lot of characters and stuff of the series. Id also like to announce the inclusion of a new buddy button from a cool website with great content named Futurama Area DE, of course that german fans will be more amazed that I'll be because they actually know German.
by JavieR / November 12, 2004 / 08:45
The below text was supposed to be here at November 2nd, 2004, but you already knew that I was without Bandwith Quota in order to update the site
I apologize because I never told you that I wasn't gonna update these past few days because I was out of town. I went to the Amazonia (about 3.5 Hours in a vehicle), but just a day was enough... to damn hot, at least for me... I live in the Sierra of Ecuador, and I prefer cold over hot. So when I was back in my house I checked my mail and I noticed an email from a new artist that decided to send 61 new XP/MSGR Icons. His (I made I mistake here!!!) name is Fug91 and you'll find images from many different episodes and from Futurama promotion posters. Please take a look.
I just upgraded some sections including the one that shows the fanart/3d/bookmarks/xp icons/ascii of all the artists with they respective pages, if you find any bugs please let me know.
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