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by JavieR / November 12, 2004 / 08:45
The below text was supposed to be here at November 2nd, 2004, but you already knew that I was without Bandwith Quota in order to update the site
I apologize because I never told you that I wasn't gonna update these past few days because I was out of town. I went to the Amazonia (about 3.5 Hours in a vehicle), but just a day was enough... to damn hot, at least for me... I live in the Sierra of Ecuador, and I prefer cold over hot. So when I was back in my house I checked my mail and I noticed an email from a new artist that decided to send 61 new XP/MSGR Icons. His (I made I mistake here!!!) name is Fug91 and you'll find images from many different episodes and from Futurama promotion posters. Please take a look.
I just upgraded some sections including the one that shows the fanart/3d/bookmarks/xp icons/ascii of all the artists with they respective pages, if you find any bugs please let me know.
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