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by JavieR / June 15, 2013 / 00:33
Ham Night (Pirates Fry and Amy) by KaspiredLess than 4 days and a few hours to go... the Final (for now) Futurama season is around the corner, and what about if I update this site at least once a month :(

I would like to feature the first artist, Kaspired (Mike). I'm ashamed to say I've not added his art in a while, and that's bad because you'll see now 25 images that will let you wanting more. We have the latest, Leela painted on a metal plate, Leela, Fry and Bender missing from an image (because of the cancellation), Leela on the Probulator, bizarre pirate Fry and Amy (fun!), a very sexy and defying Leela, another Leela in a very neat style, Sexy Legs Amy with a future Snowball cat, Leela transformed with tentacles (from one of the new eps), Zapp and Leela as characters from Tangled, 2 sexy portraits of LaBarbara Conrad, The PE Ship with raindeer horns, Yakko from Animaniacs with Leela as the Hellloooo Nurse!.

What else, oh yes, more fanart. Tastes-Like-Fry has created 10 ne images, from a Purple vs. Orange great shillouethes to Bender, Leela and Fry going out for Halloween. There are also 8 new images by Sof-Sof with her usual chibi style and kinda extrange situations.

Sexy Alice and Julie by MissFuturamaFinally, 21 more images... another sorry, this time to MissFuturama. All fanart she created all this time is really amazing, so I'm gonna mention some of it. 2 very Sexy Leela portraits, a Nex Generation portrait of her OC, Robot Devil dancing with a naked growed up Alice, Sexy Alice and Julie, some scenes of Bender and little Alice, anime version of Alice, Alice jealous of Bender, a dying and bloddy Alice, 2 scenes of Fry and Leela as a couple, Danka.. another OC, Bender dancing with Alice and smoe others.

Don't forget to be around Twitter and Facebook, you'll find stuff that you'll not se here.
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