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by JavieR / June 5, 2012 / 00:34
Blue Sunday (Alice & zoidberg under the sea) by MissFuturamaHello. I've no excuse, I'm lazy many times, but that doesn't mean I don't want to update TFP. In fact, I'm doing it right now, starting with a girl known as MissFuturama and 12 or her fanarts. As usual, she creates original characters with neat detail, and this time she created 4 new OC. The first one is Leela, Amy and Kif's kid Kamy Kroker. The other one is Julie, a cyclops like Leela but with orange hair like Fry (Alice's little sister), and she is different" like Leela. The last 2 ones are Alice friend from the academy, Samantha and Christopher.. and there other just with Samantha chatting. There's an image of Bender carrying little Alice created by PandaJenn, and the new one has the same image but with teen Alice (very cute scene BTW). A shippy image of Fry and Leela cuddling, Alice on a swing with a black cat, Brender with a fembot, a defying Alice pose (black and white background versions) and finally, the one features, with Zoidberg and Alice under the sea!

Jennifer Morton (aka PandaJenn) is also around here with 2 fanarts. The first is a tribute for the 100th episode of Futurama, and the other one is Jenn herself giving a strong hug to Fry.

Jenny & Fry by Jenny Go (SuperPrincessPink)Moaar fanart is here thanks to Jenny Go (aka SuperPrincessPink). She has created 24 images so far, a lot of cuteness and many many situations. As usual, she creates her OC double-headed Frys in many funny, weird and other situations, but there's also a couple of triple-headed Frys, and many other situations, like Fry and Fry from universe 1, Fry's son, a tribute to OC from other characters, Jenny (OC by PandaJenn) with Fry, Futuramachus (you get the idea), and even Yancy Fry. Check them out!
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