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by JavieR / April 9, 2012 / 02:27
Fallen Titanius Anglesmith by AlanquestHello Futurama fan. Just like you, I've been waiting for a new TFP update.. so, that time is now. Alanquest is here once again, this time with 4 new arts. The images feature Pharaoh Bender with his 2 human powered chair (Fry and Leela as slaves from episode "A Pharaoh to Remember"), a self portrait as a Futurama character, fallen Titanius Anglesmith (Bender) and the rest of the "Bender's Game" crew, and a crazy parody of Fry and Leela as Snow Purple (Snow White). There are also two images that are actually GIF animations, one of Zoidberg searching for food, and the other of Leegola chasing Zoidberg!

I've added the latest 2 images by Leela's Loyal Slave, one featuring a girl hating Zoidberg and hurting him with a magnet, the other of the epic fight between the Clamps and Zoidberg.

Fry and Leela doing something By Sof-Sof Sof-Sof also created 8 fanarts featuring different situations, like Bender chasing Fry, Fry as a "Husbando", Fry and Leela discussing (or something like that), Zapp carrying Fry, Zapp and Fry as women (inspired by the "Neutopia" episode), the Fry from the Action Delivery Force, Fry as the Yivo pope and Fry drinking coffee like a sir. Check them out!

I've to go now, I'm doing well with my knee but is going to take a long time to play sports again =( Read you later!!
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