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SINCE 1999, MADE IN ECUADOR » flag of ecuador
by JavieR / January 17, 2012 / 10:36
Hi. Surprise. Well, not many know what happened to me since December, 2011. I had an anterior cruciate ligament injury and a tear of the external meniscus in my right knee.
(links to Wikipedia offline on January 18th, 2012 due to SOPA/PIPA protest)

Since I usually update this site, The Futurama Point, in my free time after work, I've been unable to do it, since I'm using that time for my rehabilitation, that lasts a very long one.. about 6 months. Now, I will update the site sooner, but all this time I had very hard moments that I need you to understand.

Speaking of the SOPA/PIPA, I might join the strike tomorrow.. not that this site is crucial to the Internet, and to be honest, I have not updated it since last year, but I think this protest should be considered real so all the world can see what will happen if we start blocking the Internet, because this (SOPA/PIPA ideas) are going to affect all of us in some way if governments around the world try to approve this kind of crazy laws in order to help a bunch of people, that to be honest, have already LOTS of money... don't matter how you se it... it is always about money.
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