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by JavieR / August 10, 2011 / 01:56
One Point (Leela, Fry, LaBarbara, Amy, Bender, Professor) by KaspiredHello everyone. I've not been around this website for a few days, but I've been active slurmed's facebook and twitter.

To start the day (or to finish it, depends were you live) I've some nice fanart to share with all of you, created by some nice artists. Kaspired is the first one, I've added his 7 latest arts, featuring some interesting situations. A snake Leela holding Fry, female Fry and Amy as a male and without body.. bot from the episode "Neutopia", Leela cycling the Tour de France in a great angle, 2 parodies of Sonic the Hedgehog featuring Fry, Leela and one with Proctor and the other replaced with Amy. The final image is the one featured today, with many characters in different "dimensions" like the room Fry and Bender saw in the episode "I, Roommate".

some other new fanart was created by Vickram101. One image is the final version of himself talking with Fry outside the Planet Express building and not only that one, but other with Bender as a Megazord (from the Power Rangers).

Leela dson't cry by Leela-killThe final artist today is Leena. I've added 13 of her images, featuring many characters.. well, mostly Fry and Leela. Some of the images feature the real Sting episode (Fry waiting for Leela to wake up), as characters of Toy Story, Fry giving Leela a ring, discussing in the rain, in the cover of a Futurama comic, as Head-in-a-Jar and Leela kissing Fry. Other images feature Leela as Marge Simpson, Fry chased by a microwave from episode "Ghost in the Machine", Bender carrying Leela (episode "Proposition Infinity") and Leela crying.. that I think is a great but sad image.
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