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by JavieR / April 5, 2011 / 00:55
Narcissist Fry by SuperPrincessPinkHello! It iss nice to be back over here. I've been around, but no so frequently. Today, is fanart night once again, and I would like to start with this cool girl named SuperPrincessPink, that has created 14 new images, featuring Fry in all of her images. Some of them show Fry alone, other show the double headed Fry, 2 crossovers (one with pokemon, other with Fry as a doogy) and some of the images are the ones that many people will find kinda weird. Take a look of her latest fanart and have some fun.

Swimsuit Leela Turanga by mej073The other artist of the night is mej073, with 13 new of his usual sexy to kinda naughty images, featuring Leela and Amy mostly in different outfits. Some crossovers like Leela and Green Lantern or Snow White are nice, others are sexy like Leela in a 1 piece swimsuit or Amy with a mini skirt. The other ones are kinky ones with Leela as a maid or in dominatrix suits. The quality of the fanart is very good, so please take a look and judge by yourself.

I'll try to update more often (I always say that) but my job keeps me busy... I'll be around facebook and twitter, so you can catch the latest Futurama news there.
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