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by JavieR / February 27, 2011 / 18:34
Leela as Wonder Woman by mej073 Hi again. Sorry for not updating sooner. I've some nice fanart from 2 new artists today. I would like to start with a guy named mej073. He has created some neat Futurama images featuring the girls of the series, Leela, Amy and LaBarbara. You'll find nice crossovers of Leela as Chun Lee (from Street Fighter), Leela in a corset and in a nice dress, a LaBarbara image in a red kinky outfit, 3 images of Leela as a maid, Amy as maid too, another Leela and Amy images in sexy outfits, Leela as Ana Miller, Leela as Silk Spectre and finally, Leela as Wonder Woman. His images were even featured in a official Comedy Central Insider entry..

Future Romance (Fry & Leela) by aikoshadow The other artist of the day is aikoshadow, she is from México and she created some nice Futurama images. There's a couple of Leela and Fry shippy images (like the one featured today), one of Amy and Kif (also a shippy one), a Laila & Sam.. two of original characters, herself in a head-in-a-jar style, and a cute image of Leela and Fry as new parents of a cute baby.

I'm really behind updating fanart and other fan stuff, I've no other reasons than being lazy and sometimes very tired of my work, but I'll keep TFP updated! Bye!
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