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by JavieR / February 20, 2011 / 01:16
Is time for a new update at TFP, and I've a neat surprise for you. Bman2006 has created another neat wallpaper (you might remember him for the 3D Bender and Robot Devil wallpapers). Today, I've uploaded his version of a 3D Tinny Tim outside the Planet Express building, selling oil-ade and the newspaper:

Tinny Tim (Oil-lade) wallpaper by Bman2006

I have to say that this image has great modeling and details, like Tinny's teeth made of two very small lightbulbs, or the background of the Planet Express building with real bricks. I've added the usual Widescreen, Fullscreen and Full HD resolutions.

Cold Rocks (Amy Wong) by KaspiredThe fanart of the day was created by 2 artists. First, Kaspired with 9 images, four of them created for a Fanfic called Granny Turanga (wrote by Gulliver63), that feature different stuff of the fanfic. There's also 2 images from famous arts: Scruffy inspired by Picasso and Leela inspired by Absolut. A really cute Leela made in a trip, and 2 awesome nude arts of Morgan Proctor  and Amy Wong (based in Vaughn Bode Babes).

The other artist is Tastes-Like-Fry with 2 fanarts, one featuring Bender singing "Don't worry, Bee Happy" from the episode "The Sting", and the other is a realistic version of Leela and Fry in a shippy way. Enjoy!
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