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by JavieR / February 16, 2011 / 11:44
Futurama Wave 10, 11 and Deluxe figures by ToynamiCheck out the Toynami/Futurama San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive figures: Destructor Mega Figure, Robot Devil plush and the Futurama Tineez: Angry Bender

This is great. Thanks to jabalong at PEEL, we have info about the upcoming Futurama / Toynami figures. The next series of figures are really great:
  • Wave/Series 10: The Clamps and Joey Mousepad (May, 2011)*
  • Wave/Series 11: The Donbot and Flexo (September, 2011)*
  • Deluxe Figures:
    • Lrrr (Spring 2011)*
    • Morbo (Spring 2011)*
    • Destructor
  • Chibi Figures: Robot Devil, Bender and Zoidberg
(* Estimated release date)

Toynami / Futurama - Wave 10: The Clamps Toynami / Futurama - Wave 10: Joey Mousepad Toynami / Futurama - Wave 11: Flexo and The Donbot

As you can see, the figures look great. I really like the Robot Mafia figures to be regular ones! Flexo is just Bender with a beard, I would have preferred another character like Wernstrum or Tinny Tim.

Toynami / Futurama - Deluxe figures: Morbo Toynami / Futurama - Deluxe figures: Lrrr Toynami / Futurama - Deluxe figures: Destructor

The deluxe figures look great also. We had some previous info about Morbo and a preview, but now we have also Lrrr and the amazingly big Destructor, that is huge (I don't know how I'm gonna get that one). All the deluxe edition figures have the correct size compared to the normal figures.

There's also a pic of a chibi version of the Robot Devil, Bender and Zoidberg, that look like a competition to the Kidrobot Futurama series. There's also more photos of the Futurama plushies and also of the Talking Bender at Figures.com

Source: jabalong @ PEEL, Figures.com
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