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by JavieR / February 10, 2011 / 00:24
Random Fry Comic by SuperPrincessPinkHi people. Sorry for the delay updating the site. I'm glad to start with a nice comic created by SuperPrincessPink (aka Jenny) featuring de 2-headed Fry in a 1 page comic called: Random Fry Comic!

I've also added 8 new images also created by SuperPrincessPink that feature mostly the double-headed Fry she created.. with a light saber, kissing, laughing, sleeping and some more. There's also 2 Frys huging and a single Fry laying.

The Card Sharp (Futurama version) by Gulliver63Gulliver63 is also around here with new fanart! As usual, he has created some great crossover images with the Futurama characters, like Klingon Kif or Cyborg Morgan Proctor (from Star Trek: New generation), 2 other versions of Morgan as a robot and in a red dress, a painting "The Card Sharp" (by Georges de La Tour) with Futurama characters, Ameela (Leela's head on Amy's shoulder), The Statue of Leela (Liberty), a korean version of Amy in a traditional dress, a cyclops fashion magazine featuring Leela and some others more.

He also created a 1 page comic, and Gulliver63 decided to mix it with Tron, and of course is called: Tron-o-rama! Check it out!

I almost forgot to mention that this year, Futurama sadly didn't get any Annie Awards.
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