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by JavieR / January 11, 2010 / 22:19
TV networks + Futurama characters by Vickram101Hello people. I'm back with two new artists around here at TFP. The first one is Vickram101, he is around TFP Facebook group and decided to send me some of his fanart. The one featured today is about the Futurama characters in different TV networks (he said that the MTV + Bender image I made when MTV aired the series for 2 Weeks inspired him to create more of those mixes). The other drawings feature Bender coming out of a Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, and one of Fry standin

Dr Zoidberg waving by DecotThe other artist here today is Decot. He kindly sent me a drawing he made featuring Dr. Zoidberg. He said is a simple image, but I think is a very decent style, and it makes you wanna see the rest of the characters in that way. I really like the way Zoidberg looks, kinda more naive (even more =D). So be sure to also check his fanart too.

I hate to say goodbye but when you've to sleep.. you stay 5 minutes more, and then you go to sleep.
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