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by JavieR / January 4, 2010 / 23:29
Apologies (Futurama crew) by KaspiredHi everyone, I hope everyone is having a great 2010! Is time to work over here again, and I want to start the year with some neat fanart that I didn't add in 2009. First, 6 new images created by Kaspired (Mike Jessen) that feature different situations like the Planet Express crew in Collen's funeral (his tribute to Britanny Murphy), an interesting mix of Futurama character faces (featured today), LaBarbaraConrad as a sexy Xmas elf, Leela with Dr. Who, and 2 versions of a Leela drawn for a tutorial, inked and not inked version.

Leela: Bang! by sick picklesWait, there's more fanart today. A new image by sick pickles that I should add a month ago got lost, but is here today. The image features an angry Leela in a great pose with her hand as gun (hair coloring is awesome). The last fanartist today is Pong123 with an image of Robot Santa (made for Xmas, but like I said, I had no time to add a lot of Xmas 2009 fanart).

Enjoy and please comeback. If not, you can get more Futurama interesting links and fanart at the twitter@slurmed and at the tfp facebook page!
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