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by JavieR / July 26, 2009 / 23:58
Hello again. Well, I'm more bemused than angry after the Futurama Panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2009.. so we have to wait once again.. we waited 4 years for the DVD movies.. so we know what it feels like. That's why I've added the Keep the Futurama Voice Cast page:

You can share it with averyone that has not supported the voice cast yet, or add it toyour site and the corner banner has a link to that page (only if you want to..)

Fry: ..and what the hell is wrong with our voices? by FuturamaFreak1So, what's new around here.. let's see. Oh my yes! Brand new Comics, 2 of them both created by FuturamaFreak1. Both are really funny.. the first one is called Sunday Futurama (original script by ooy) involving Fry, Leela, exercise and Zoidberg, and the other one is called Yet another Test Comic.. featuring Leela, Fry and FuturamaFreak1 himself, and thlking about the Futurama Voice Cast problem..

I also added 4 new fanarts today this time created by wolich22.. all of them featuring heads-in-a-jar from different artists at deviantART, including sof-sof and Mike Jessen (Kaspired).. so be sure to check that out!
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