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by JavieR / July 25, 2009 / 16:05
Thanks to all the people from Twitter: @britl, @Futurama_maniac, @AtticusSays, @thedeannab, @julia_grace, @lexigeek, @smellack, @JGed + others.

First, the cast was not present, only Matt Groening, David X Cohen, Animators and Writers.. and the panel begun with a message from the Hypnotoad to ignore the cast not being there. Then Matt Groening presented the panel, the important words:

"We love our Futurama actors. We hope that FOX and the actors can come to an agreement as soon as possible"

Then the panel started reading quotes from behind the scenes, and reading handwritten cards of old episodes (with the video of the episode) with no emphasis in expression, kinda showing thir support to the Futurama voice cast. THe panel also offered prices for good questions, but not for questions about the voice cast, and when they ran out of Futurama merchandise, they gave out 2 box sets of Family Guy... yes, you read me right...

They are considering a Theatrical Feature of Futurama, becaus Matt Groening said that "We'd love to do a Futuramatheatrical feature, It's really fun to see Futurama on the big screen"... And the wormhole from the last part of the last movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder, will be considered, but it wil not be the main plot of the 1st episode of Season 6. The writers, Matt and David X (I assume) say that "is harder to come up with new stories than new jokes".

About the Voice Cast, David X Cohen said:

"[..] hope for the best and it may work out."

"Keep your fingers crossed. What's going on right now is business"

So, they are waiting for the Voice Cast to work out the problem with 20th Century Fox TV... and there's nothing else to say about that...

Now, what about the new stuff that Futurama will have in the new seasons, here you go a list of ideas/episodes that the panel talked about [SPOILERS WARNING]:
  • Revelations of the origins of Scruffy, the Janitor of Planet Express
  • Twitter will be part of an episode, and Mom will control it
  • A shocking relationship of Bender & Amy that will end in a robosexual marriage controversy
  • The Professor and Fry find a time machine that only goes 10 secons in the future, but they end up in a very distant future..
  • An episode that explains why the Professor hired Zoidberg. It has something to do with Zoidberg helping the Professor..
  • Fry and Leela will be more clearly romantic, but with ups and downs...
  • An episode with Leela and Zapp together on an isolated planet
  • A new Anthology of Interest episode
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