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by JavieR / July 13, 2009 / 23:35
So, I'm kinda sick.. with a flu, hopefully just a normal one lol, today I'm not sleeping because I slept all the afternoon, so I've time to update TFP (despite my lame Internet connection here in my house).

I'm gonna start with a fanafic that I should add some time ago, but for a extrange reason, I lost the file with the fanfic, or perhaps the email with the text didn't arrive. Anyway, Here it is, a new Simpsons/Futurama Crossover, the plot: A Simpson crossover with Futurama. This story takes place a couple of years before Fry gets frozen into the future. He moves to Springfield with his parents and meets the Simpsons.. it was created by MoonDay, so go and take a read.

Shoking Relationship: Leela and Bender by FuturamaFreak1The new artist around here is well known in my opinion. He is FuturamaFreak1, and I've to say that he is really talented creting Futurama fanart. Today I've uploaded 12 of his images, but I've more that I'll add later. The fanarts feature many Leela images.. with Yivo, relaxing, with the martian muck leech, chained up, and 2 handrawn ones. There's also a generic image of Fry, a Simpsons/Futurama image, FuturamaFreak1 and Fry, a Freakshow, Leela with Bender and their electricity addiction.. and finally, a image of Leela with an electric snail.

BTW, I've jazz it up the Alien Alphabet section a little bit since it was very outdated, specially adding a easier explanation of the AA2. That's all, more stuff very soon!
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