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by JavieR / May 23, 2009 / 16:17
Is Futurama back?According to an article by Ed Waller from (thanks to Tim from Futurama Madhouse, and to Dominik) Futurama was renewed this week by the Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, and not by the FOX Network.

According to a reply by Ed Waller (author of the article) to Dominik, there will be new episodes to distribute to the International market on DVD (DVD sales). This is kinda vague, I'm thinking about these options:
  1. Futurama is renewed (Hurray! It should be renewed by the FOX Network, not for DVD only.. that's my personal opinion, but hey, I preffer new Futurama on DVD than no Futurama at all)
  2. They are releasing the 5th season (the 4 Futurama Movies) in form of episodes, with the extra content that appeared in Comedy Central
  3. It could mean they are releasing the 4 Futurama Movies as "movies" or like episodes for the international market
So, I really hope is option number 1, but it could be 2 or 3, I don't know, and there's no more details. I can't wait to see if there's an official announcement in order to corroborate this news, and to find out if we will see new Futurama someday in the future.

In the meantime I have to stress that this is not official yet. Please don't forget to visit the original article and find out about other series that could be renewed, and also the Futurama Madhouse for more details.
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