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by JavieR / March 24, 2009 / 11:24
Leela and the Robot devil (+ their baby) by MissusPatches Well, don't kill me.. I've been around, but only surfing around (blame my work, really!). I've some nice stuff for you today. First a new fanfic from a new person over here, FrysBabyGirl created a new fan history called Izzie, that is about a Frozen Girl that gets to meet the Planet Express Crew.

I've also added Fanart that you'll like. I'm gonna start with 4 images from Sof-Sof (aka Frygirl aka Yume93) that I shoud add some time ago featuring 21 images of Fry and Leela, an angel Fry with bees (sketch) and a Robot Devil (sketch). The other artist today is MissusPatches with 3 new fanarts featuring 2 original characters, Morris and Persephone (the chidren of Leela and the human Robot Devil), one with both kids and Doug the robot babysitter, and the last one features Leela and the human Robot Devil with a baby.

About Futurama, nothing new, but our hopes are big.. if you have any news about Futurama being renewed, just contact me ASAP!.
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