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by JavieR / March 11, 2009 / 23:58
Since the last Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder, was released, I've read many articles that talk about the possible return of the series.. and no one really knows. Here you have some of the more important news I've seen:
  • Futurama's Future Looks Hazy After Wild Green Yonder []: They say that they asked FOX executives about Futurama, but no comment was given.. even when David X. Cohen said "[..] But the return of Futurama is being discussed. I'm just not privy to those discussions". David also confirmed the that is mantained by FOX, when it was just a joke from the 1st movie, Bender's Big Score.
  • If Futurama Comes Back, What's Next For Planet Express? []: David X. Cohen said to them that "there definitely is a possibility. It's not 90% though. It's more 50/50" and that he already has the ideas (in the shower) of how to continue if Futurama returns.
  • David X. Cohen on the Future of Futurama []: They talk about the last movie, and the premature rumour from Billy West about a 6th season. Also, David X. Cohen said that "We're now talking about making a poster, and that one will have all the characters ever made for the show".
  • Futurama's Shock Return [Zoo Magazine]: There's an article with Matt Groening where he mentions that "We're talking with 20th Century Fox and we really hope it happens" something interesting because it will mean direct negotiation, but just in case, Zoo is a tabloid.
So.. there's a lot of speculation about the return of the series. While in the 3 first articles David X. Cohen said that FOX is talking about Futurama internally, the Zoo tabloid article talks about a direct negotiation (but is not a reliable source).

Now, I really hope that Futurama can comeback yet again, but the situation is still kinda vague. An official announcement or words from David X. Cohen or Matt Groening from reliable sources about a direct negotiation could be the Great News we all are waiting.
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