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by JavieR / July 23, 2008 / 15:26
English Futurama websites frozen? (Fry frozen and Seymour) Are many english sites frozen like Fry was? because the Futurama international community is kinda awakening.. I say this because some non-english sites are emerging, and other are consolidating like big ones. A few examples:

Futurama Area (FA), that now is, according to me, the big german Futurama website. Also, Futurama France (FF), the new buddie around here is a great site for all the french fans of the series... Planet Express, a spanish forum with enough active members. Futurama Projekt is a slovak site with very nice content even when the language is not familiar for me whatsoever.. also Futuramania, a new czech site that looks very promissing, and a pair of new russian sites that I'll check out later.

Now the question, why not more english Futurama websites? I know, some major sites could have all the content, but back in 2000/2001 there were a lot of sites focused in minor (but also important) stuff of the series.. like food, tv series, alien alphabet (language), links or top sites, skins, and even romanticism. You were able to find sites dedicated to every characters of the series.. something that is missing right now. The only beam of light seems to be One and Only Bender, a Bender's site from the 1st days of the Futurama Community that was brought back a few weeks ago by Juliet. Other english site that is growing is The Infosphere, a Futurama wiki with many interesting info.. Futuramics, a site dedicated to the Futurama Comics, and the Futurama Fan Forum.. but I've not seen anything else in 4 years, other sites appeared but sadly dissapeared in that time... did I miss some site or not? If I did, please contact me!!

The point of all this is that since Futurama is once again alive with the DVD Movies, whe should be supporting the series the way we helped to bring back Futurama, creating new sites in order to let more people know about the show, to capture the new fans, but mainly.. not giving up! If you've a website idea you can go to the Futurama message boards and ask for help, but try to create an original Futurama site, check out the PEEL thread Any new Futurama websites around? if you need some ideas of sites that don't exist right now... I think that's a big way to help Futurama, that and the DVD Sales, that as you might seen in a previous news entry, are very solid.
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