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by JavieR / January 17, 2008 / 22:12
Well, this is kinda recent news. Thanks to Leandro from Futurama Madhouse, I've noticed that the Alien Alphabet (Language) 2 is now fully decoded, thanks to the Bite my Shiny Metal X special feature in the Bender's Big Score DVD. The previous 3 symbols where found thanks to the alien messages inside the Futurama Comics, but the last symbol (#1) was found thanks to the DVD. That's why since today (sorry for the small delay) you can download the Alien Alphabet (Language) 2 Font created by Leandro, with all the symbols. I've also updated the Futurama Alien Alphabet 2 Encoder/Decoder in the Software+ section, if you wanna create or translate messages with that Alien Alphabet.

More updates... this time, I've some new fanart by Yume93, about 9 new arts, two featuring Fry and Leela in shippy pics, three images of her original characters, one of Evans and two fanars of Susan, one image of Fry, two arts featuring Leela, and a nice and funny fanart of Fry holding Yume (Sofía). Enjoy.
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