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by JavieR / December 18, 2007 / 20:06
Viacom announced recently that Comedy Central will be showing Futurama's 72 episodes beginning on Wednesday, January 2, 2008. Two Back-To-Back episodes will air from Wednesday through Friday from 8:00 pm (20H00) to 9:00 pm (21H00). After the "Premiere Week", episodes of Futurama will air from Monday to Thursday, and also Fridays at 9:00 pm. Also, four new episodes (from Bender's Big Score) will air in the First Quarter of 2008, and another 12 from the next tree movies. Check out the Comedy Central, 2008 - Futurama Schedule. According to the schedule, you'll see 3 episodes each day, from Wednesday to Friday, and on Sunday 6, there's a Futurama Marathon of 12 episodes starting at 1 pm (13H00).

Ok, I also have some new stuff to show you around here. As you can see, I changed the site a bit for the upcoming Xmas, I hope you all like it. Second, I've added some new fanart from Yume93, and you'll se at her gallery images of Fry, Leela, 2 images of her fictional characters... Evans and Susan (Fry & Leela's children), and a image with the main crew (or trio). Enjoy and come back :).
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