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by JavieR / July 8, 2006 / 16:30
I said in my previous update that I'll be back really soon... but, what can I do, I'm finally working a little more on the new design of this site and because of that, many sections need to be updated. The main reason of this delay is that I finally, after 5 years or more, changed the Contact Form. If you go there, you'll see that now you've to choose the subject of your message (between Contact TFP and Button TFP). Now let's see what I've uploaded today. A new artist has sent me his art, and now is abailable over here. His name is Ethan, and you'll see around 10 handmade images featuring the main characters of the series. Another artist that sent me some stuff for the Fanart section is ProfessorZoidy, with an scan of the Professor. Last but not less, is Eric Beck with two new 3D images, both featuring Kif Kroker... one with a face close up, and the other featured right now at your right.
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