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by JavieR / June 25, 2005 / 12:20
Crappy week in one side. I sent my computer to maintenance (of the shop where this computer was bought) in order to make valid my warranty, but after a week without it (the reason why I didn't update the site), they said that I didn't had a guarantee "for my CD-RW and DVD-ROM", but I had one for everything else!!!!!. Damn you Samsung units, both dead and without warranty... that means that I still have all the Futurama DVD's but I can no do anyting with them (to create new content). Well, enough of that crap, let's go to the important. Today I've uploaded two scan-arts, one of them is fanart, the other one is a scan. The first one was created by the Cap'n Skusting, featuring a the holy bible... version 3.0. The second was made by Homies (see the thumbnail), featuring the Planet Express Spaceship. I'm sorry I can't do any more, but tomorrow, I've to investigate a IA topic (that I hate!!!) and I just don't have a lot of time.
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