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SINCE 1999, MADE IN ECUADOR » flag of ecuador
by JavieR / November 19, 2000 / 17:20
Different, innovator, fantastic? yeah, yeah, whatever!. This new design is different in a few things, like the menu bar on the right and random pics in the logo. Why I changed the design? The last one was very nice, but the colors started to boring me a lot, that's why I made this new design. In fact, it has a bigger letter that the old one so you can read the updates without effort. 8) and I fixed the FTP problems, as you can see. So, what's new around here. First, three new scans from the third season, see one on the right. The links were updated with new screenshots and sites and the spanish links too. The museum has been redesigned and updated adding the Futurama Web, down since 07.NOV.2000.The poll has not been changed since I made the grey/black design, so if you go there, you're gonna find the same question but with the reset votes. Go to vote asap. I've added two new buddies, Nothing But Nibbler and Big Book of Futurama, click there if you're bored of this site (I hope not). there you go. bye
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