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by JavieR / May 16, 2013 / 01:37
There was a time when this site was updated daily, and now with my real scab job, I've neglected slurmed.com for about a month. Of course, I've been around the web 2.0 (that was not around back in 1999 when this site started, damn, almost 14 years) because it takes me less time to maintain.

As I said back in 2002 - 2003, we have to keep updating and keep creating Futurama stuff.. that's the way we showed our love to Futurama, and that got us back, it only took ~5 years.

Don't forget to sign the Save Futurama Again petition that has over 16,000 meatbag signatures, and check more about what we can do at slurmed.com/savefuturama

Gangs of New New York by Gulliver63So, today I've added 32 new fanart images by a great pal from the Futurama community, that guy is Gulliver63 of course. So many parodies with our favorite Futurama characters, so I'm gonna name a few of those... Proctor/Terminator, Apocalypse Futurama, Cowboys & Mutants, Star Wars (mind tricks... great one!), Leela Brown (Jackie Brown), I dream of Leela, Scape from the Planet of the Centaurs, and one that it was an idea from the Futurama Creators to end the show, back in the 2000's (that Gulliver didn't know about).. Gangs of New New York. There are some other great images featuring Proctor, Porky from the Looney Tunes, a retro Planet Express (ship) car, giant Amy and Leela.. + some more that you can't miss.

Some new fanart comes from EsmeraldHeart, I've added 13 images featuring some OC, Alice Fry (from MissFuturama), Fry with his kids and more. Another artist back around here is Lee Roberts, with two great images... on with Mrs. Farnsworth posing for the Planet Express calendar, and the other of Zoidberg and his classic "Yippeekayaye! You'll never guess where I've been!" scene. Yet another artist back from months ago... Freako (FuturamaFreak1) with 2 images: Mega Milk Leela and a 50's pinup of an OC (I can't remember who made it).

Comic 30 by Inquisitor-HeinIf this update wasn't named "mega update", you could have seen many less text... but no! To end this entry, I would like to add 18 new pages (some include 3 or 4 inside one, reaching 56 pages) of one of the more detailed and long Futurama fan comics around. Created by Inquisitor-Hein, here you go the comic named simply 30. Also, 2 other 1 page comics: Fun on a Bun: Alternative end and Elzar vs. Nibblonians

Have fun, I know you will... and remember, #SaveFuturama!
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